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The Walking Dead Spin-Off Show Greenlight Possibly

The world of the zombie apocalypse is just starting for AMC. Recently, the general manager of AMC came out stating the television show was a no brainer. Seeing shows such as Mad Men and Breaking Bad are finishing up for good, AMC must come up with another production that will rock the television world. AMC releases statements and gave the thumbs up for a new spin-off of the walking dead that still has yet to be named. The show is set to premiere in 2015.

It’s important to state that the writers of the walking dead, producers, and directors will oversee this new child. Robert Kirkman recently stated that although the walking dead is his baby and has been for 10 years, it will great to finally have something new on his plate. The range of the zombie apocalypse and all that it encompasses is vast. Robert Kirkman aims to shed light on several topics that just wasn’t able to be done during the walking dead.

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