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The Walking Dead Season 5 Poster – The Comic Con Banner

AMC’s The Walking Dead has just revealed through their emailing system and their home website the season 5 wallpaper. They plan on revealing this banner at Comic Con and the pictures speaks much more than a thousand words. Remember, Robert Kirkman and the crew (writers and actors and everyone in between) hand picked each and everyone’s physical demeanor for this photo shoot. Every “non-verbal” communication is coming through the picture and everyone looking at it should understand what each pose represents.

Rick on the left is in a very specific pose. His face is worn and aged. There isn’t any hesitance, only action. Which is something that has been lacking in his character for the past seasons. His hands present a calm and decisiveness. Like I said before, he isn’t hesitant, we saw where that got him last time. He fits this confident and conserved individual who will do what needs to be done, if an obstacle comes in his way. He wears a longer beard, showing more age. He’s experienced and has been around the block. He has wizened up and realizes he needs thick skin.  He is leaning forward, which means he is going on the offensive now. He isn’t playing defense.

Rick and Carl have under-estimated the need and dependence of one another. Carl fits the same pose as Rick. He lacks the experience and confidence, but his father will help him manifest it. This confidence will slowly grow and just like his father will attack.



Michonne on the other hand is a much more straight composure which just happens to be her theme. She clinches her fists and her sleeves have been rolled up. She is ready to fight for herself once again. Her face shows a renewal sense of self in her. She has a reason to stay alive.  She’s meticulous and reserved.

For Daryl, this isn’t his first rodeo. He has had to deal with this his entire life. His posture tells a story of prior fights. He’s in a boxing posture with his left hand guarding his face. He’s pulled his right shoulder down and he is bent to get ready to make a strike. His hands are open, making him relaxed and confident.

Maggie and Glenn on the other hand aren’t about risking their lives anymore. They allow the group to do what they can so they can stay with one another. There is fire in their eyes, but they aren’t about to use it haphazardly. They have a different task and might play into a plan with the group. They are the thinkers.

Sgt. Abraham Ford is Army. He is stuck in the wrestling pose. He is allow about close proximity, fast pace, and ground and pound type of fighter. He reminds me of the mauler wrestler. Hand open ready to choke someone. This isn’t his first rodeo. He waits patiently until the attacker makes the wrong move.

Although a lot of the individuals shown in the poster are kind of doing the same thing. They each have there own way of doing it. There own decisiveness and hesitation. It’s important to note those that aren’t in the picture. The emphasis is on how will the group get themselves out of the situation they got themselves into. Let us know what you think the photo represents.

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