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The Making of Stunts and Walkers for The Walking Dead Season 5

Like what you have been reading and watching in the past couple of weeks for the new season of the walking dead that returns in October, we take a look inside the stunts for season 5.
This season is much more involved in just about every aspect of the show, more so than the past seasons. There has been a great deal increase in stunts and the use of a more emaciated walker; one that has to look thin and deteriorated than prior. Although the people are dead, the organism is still alive and must thus show the decay.
In the attached clip, Stunt Coordinator Monty Simons delves into how much goes into making a successful stunt routine with the inclusion of all these other factors. One of the hardest things to account for is the walkers and he peels back the layers to reveal to the viewer, just what it takes.


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