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The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 1 Review

We open the new season of the walking dead season 5 episode 1 review with Rick and the group within the railway cart. Looking unbelievably pissed, no fucks will be given. They get ready as footsteps get closer to their car only to be surprised with a flash bang grenade. They are led into a preparation/killing room where they are exposed to the horrors within Terminus. The cannibals slowly cutting away at the lifeless corpse in front of them. Lying on the necropsy table, the cutting tools laced with tissue and blood.

Two men line behind the men. Force them to their knees and slowly one by one knock them out with a bat and slit their throat. Each one kneel in front of a trough, for the blood to splatter and collect. Rick, not fazed in the least, watch one by one die. Glenn, close to shitting his pants, is saved by the man that will eventually stalk them. He asks to know the location of the big bag Rick had. He replies with the utensils he says he will use to kill them. Before Glenn can be slaughtered, shots are fired.

Carol and Tyrese are walking the train tracks in the middle of the woods. Carol trying to be the strong one. Carol runs into a stream of walkers, but is led to a house. Carol tells Tyrese to stay with the child in the house. They have tied up a man who sees right through Tyrese. Carol on the other hand goes back to the walker she last killed to blend in (by smothering herself with the blood and guts of the walker). She comes up to a building with a mass of walkers congregated. She uses the propane tank as a means of target. Shooting a bullet through the tank draws the walkers closer before she sets off a little explosive rocket that incinerates them.

The explosion used to incinerate the walkers is the same place in which houses the group, “Terminus.” Carol walks among the walkers through the field and into the base. She goes ‘Rambo’ on Terminus, one by one. Meanwhile, back in the preparation room, while the two men that were doing the killing are not paying attention, Rick has a wooden stake which he uses to cut off his binds and kill the two men. People are dying left and right within the chambers and confines of Terminus. The walkers are getting their fill as one by one, people are being consumed. In the midst of chaos, Glenn sees a container. The container he believes hold the rest of the group. As the make an onslaught of the walkers surrounding the container, Glenn and Rick ravage the walkers to find out those contained within the enclosure are not what he thinks.Within the container, Maggie keeps others informed. Carl calming the masses, telling them of his fathers return. Patiently honing their tools for what lie ahead. Carol finds the room that contains her groups weapons. She is shortly overcome by emotion. She knows she must hurry as the fight is underway within Terminus. Members of the other band and group walk down the street claiming walker lives. Rick comes out from behind a car to attack the remaining shooter and mows down the 8 other individuals in that group.

Meanwhile, Carol is walking through a gymnasium overrun by candles. A women comes out with a gun where an epic battle of the battle bitches begin. Carol wins the fight but the other women slowly speaks of the rape and pillaging that occurred to her in the past. Carol is required to shoot her straight in the leg. Lying on the ground, in the righteous ways she is, allows the women become lunch bait for the walkers.

Back in the house where Tyrese is with the baby and the unknown individual, walkers descend upon them. Without being prepared, the unknown man jumps towards the child making Tyrese vulnerable to what this unknown man wants. Tyrese is forced to fight outside leaving the infant with the unknown man. Silence falls upon the house, leaving the unknown man alert. Tyrese comes through the door dropping the man. On top of the man, Tyrese smashes the man punch by punch.

In the midst of the chaos that continues, Rick frees the others. They fight in the center of Terminus as walker by walker is slaughtered. They escape through a wrecked fence where they run for safety in the woods. They locate their weapons and Rick explains that everyone must die. Everyone is hesitant, but he isn’t asking. At the corner of his eye, a face appears, Carol stands before them. Daryl runs to her and gives her a massive hug. Emotions run much higher between both of them. Rick slowly scampers to her, asking if it was her that started everything. They hug in a very emotional embrace. Without a second of waste, she tells them to follow. There standing outside the hut is Tyrese and Beth. Rick emotional breaks and runs to hold his child.

Symbolically, as the group leaves the area, Rick goes up to the sign that states “Sanctuary” and rewrites, “No Sanctuary.” It pans back to Terminus as the group that once was running the sick show, now has become the prisoners vowing to take vengeance.