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The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 2 Viewership Projections

Episode 2 of AMC ‘S the walking dead season 5 had an astonishing 18 million viewers tuning in. People were amazed with the amount of action that occurred in such a short duration. We find out that Carol, whom we all know would be the badass that she is, would come to everyone’s aide. We got a look into Terminus and the new threat that Rick and the group will have to deal with. Now that we are all left in the forest with the group once united, do we: 1) Move on and try to locate Beth?; 2) Go back to Terminus like Rick said and terminate the threat?; or make the most important sacrifice and take the scientist to the National Institutes of Health (because the CDC got blown up)?

Viewers are reeling to find out what is coming next for the group and the individual metamorphoses of each character. Projections for the next episode are only going to go up with many broadcasters seeing projections upwards of 20 million to 21 million viewers. The walking dead has become a cultural phenomenon that looks deep into the human psyche during a time of utter chaos and destruction; looking for the solace in a time of retribution; looking for the human connection or morality in people when they think it is all lost.

Although the new and exciting killing of walkers are always great, the main objective to the story is to see how individual start to treat one another in times of distress and grey. Tune in for the next episode of the walking dead at 9 pm EST on AMC and stay tuned for the talking dead with Chris Hardwick!