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AMC The Walking Dead Kirkman – The Cast Death Timetable

AMC The Walking Dead’s, Robert Kirkman stopped by Sirius on his way out of Comic Con in Las Angeles to talk about certain aspects of the show. One of the interviewers had a very good question that most people are thinking about all the time during the television show. It must suck to kill off characters. How does it make you feel?

Robert Kirkman explains to the radio show hosts that it’s much tougher than just killing someone off. Due to the fact that Kirkman is the writer of the comic book, he knows relatively when each character is going to get killed off. He often has a timetable of characters and when they are going to die.

He states that when he was writing the comic, “it was just words on paper.” The words didn’t have any significance or impact on him because it was all in his mind. Now that he is working with actual actors, he has developed relationships and they often hang out. The words have become more of a substance and knowing the time of death is extremely nerve wrecking.

Furthermore, Kirkman cannot tell the cast early because they are always changing the script. Sometimes individuals time cards run out and they are going to die, but at last minute something is changed and that person is saved from the cutting block. To add to the stress, we cannot tell the cast very early solely because of this.

As Kirkman likes to state, at the end of the day, “People’s gots to die.” He is asked if the time comes when the actor or actress is going to be killed off, is it hard to not give it away? Does he not give that person eye contact? Kirkman replys with, “Well, luckily that is where Scott Gimple comes in. He ends up making all those decisions. I wouldn’t handle that well.”

The problem with bringing a comic book or a piece of writing to life is that the writer knows what’s going to happen all the time and it affects his relationships with the cast and crew. It must suck having a character you absolutely love or a cast member you absolutely love and killing him off.

Robert Kirkman Starts Hinting About Season 5 of The Walking Dead

As the season gets closer to the opening bell, Robert Kirkman’s mouth becomes increasingly unstable. And although he says quite a bit of information, it’s all cloudy and murky. We must look at the past to understand the future. He explains in a recent interview that a lot of what people have been hinting towards will finally be revealed in the upcoming season.

Also, he sheds some light on the momentum of the first episodes. As I paraphrase, he states that unlike last seasons, these first episodes will be much more involved and pact with reveals that will be done in really interesting ways. We left people at terminus and there are big surprises coming he says to Entertainment. The first episode really deals with Terminus and opens really quickly. We start to understand a little about the group there and how everything will unfold. We know that Carl has found giant pills as well and we will figure out how they might be of significance.

But there is something missing. For the longest time we have waited for Andrew Lincoln character, Rick Grimes, to unravel out of his cocoon. In the comic book series, this more gritty, grimy,  and more beast like Rick emerges. This has been something promised. We await this western Rick. Kirkman breaks that revelation. Comic Book Rick is back!

With that being said, Kirkman has been asked all sorts of questions, especially ones including the inclusion of more characters. He has been seriously looking at bringing on several cast members from “the wire.” With a cast ever changing and with a viewership that can’t live without certain characters, it seems that the comic book won’t really be followed as closely as hoped and as you already know. Kirkman plans to bring more characters in that are both from the comic as others not.


Kirkman speaks about Rick and his evolution over what we saw in season 4 verses what we will see in season 5. In the middle of season 3, we saw a cocky Rick. We saw a Rick who saw himself doing what he should have been doing. I don’t mean the bad cocky, but someone who had everything he needed and did things with confidence without being really tested. By the end of season 4, we see a Rick that is defeated and broken. He is very unsure of himself because he was juggling too many things at once. He was trying to be a father; trying to protect a group of people; he was trying to fend off a lunatic attacker; and he was fighting off the loss of his wife.

We see this catalyst effect in which a man can either be broken (curl up and die) or snap out of his condition and look towards the things that are important at that time (such that his son). It was never his place to “have to be a leader.” But after seeing pretty much the worst case scenario occur, he is much stronger and understands (in essence, much more prepared). He is much more psychologically and mentally tough. Robert Kirkman alludes to the fact that he is going to be much more decisive in his actions. This “I don’t want to fight,” this “doesn’t need to happen” mentality jumps off the bridge. Some people have become the way they are to survive and Rick plays this very fine line between “no more shit” and “being a father.”