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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7 Review – Brian

The new episode of the walking dead opens up back with the Governor or now we know as “Brian.” A shift of power has fallen upon the governor and the men he used to run. A very key passage occurs within the story as the girl is trying to figure out why Brian is and why he won’t allow her to win. This seems to unravel the story of the Governor and help us understand a little more about why he became who he is.
The group goes on an excursion to possibly get some answers about survival or some hardware when they come up to individuals with there heads removed and labels. Before the commercial, we see that the family in the photo are those that the Governor had just killed. An indication of the situation he was in. For Brian, things come full circle and come to bite him. Once again, Brian must come to the rescue and be the leader he is because those around him think they have those qualities when they don’t.
When you think the episodes can’t get any more boring, especially with what we think is the change of the Governor, the Governor relapses. He is heart set on replacing his old family with that of this new one. Almost a second chance to right the wrongs. For this, he kills his old buddy because he can’t live with the fact that he might not do his job. That he doesn’t live in the same world as the Governor, that he can protect them from anything.

The group is starting to fall apart and dissension is lurking within. The governor knows this all too well and understands that if they stay, people will die. We come to see that as Brian tells the girls that they must leave, he says “I can’t lose you guys again.” She picks this up understanding the way he must of lost his other family. As they drive away at night, they come upon walkers stuck in the mud. Why?
The Governor is back. Subtle words can trigger a person to relapse back into original behavior. Death falls back onto the group as the weak get prayed upon. Everything comes together at the end of the episode. Another fight is upon the Rick clan. Get excited

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 6 Review – The Governor’s Return

The opening scene of the walking dead shows the road the Governor has had to lead for him through his psyche. It has been a destructive road leading him down a destructive path. We meet a new group for the Governor to influence with a very hot military individual.

We notice that the Governor uses a name. Is this his real name? Is this significant of a possible change? These are very important questions to be asking. Themes come back to haunt him in this episode as he meets a father with two daughters. The tides have turned as the daughters are taking care of their father. A lot has changed for the Governor as he has stayed relatively quiet. Him not eating and throwing out the food suggests his hesitance to believe these individuals he has taken up with. We see the naivety of this small little group as they are really trusting as if they know how to handle themselves.

A transformation has come across the Governor or at least we are left to witness. One of the daughters asks something major from him, something he would never do, but does without asking, something extremely dangerous. He sees the fathers undying love for his daughters. Is this something he gets comfort from, something that he never got and is will to help fight for? At the hospital, we see the Governors inability to kill any walkers. Why? Also, back at where he was staying, he creases the photo of him with his family. Does he wish he was never apart of the family? Is this a way of letting go?

It was inevitable that the Governor would have to face this little girl Meghan, whom looks a splitting image of his daughter. He is so ashamed that he is unable to look at her straight in the face because the pain comes back. He must fight back his feelings with laughter by telling a story he doesn’t want to.

The past come back to haunt him as he is forced to make a difficult choice. The father of the two daughters passes away from cancer and gives way for the beast within. It’s up to the Governor to save them from what used to be there father. After the incident, he witnesses the little girl, daughter to one of the two girls shy away and cower behind her grandfathers couch. She doesn’t really get to say goodbye by the time its all said and done. Foe that the Governor has had enough. He destroys the picture of him and his family because he now knows its over and he shouldn’t be using them as an excuse.

It’s not surprising what happens at the end of episode 6. The Governor must flee with his pod and ends up falling into a ditch that he used to create to capture walkers. He kills them all off saving the little girls life and reuniting with his old cohort.

What questions does this spark?