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Robert Kirkman Reveals Gruesome Details Around The Premiere of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

With ‘The Walking Dead’ frenzy going on in the Apocalyptic universe, many questions have been raised about just how far this universe could actually go. Recently, Kirkman took a conference call with Fangoria, this last week. He was asked this very same question about the expansion of ‘the walking dead’ universe with limited event series. Robert Kirkman’s reply to the question was pretty simple and sweet, stating to paraphrase, that those ideas of short limited series are not off the table and could be done in the future, but are not currently being pursued. Kirkman wanted to focus on making the walking dead and fear the walking dead (which premieres in August) series the best series the writers could put out.

On this same conference call Kirkman revealed to the great people of Fangoria that Fear The Walking Dead would contain more chaos than the first season of the walking dead, which is pretty big news. Expect for quite the kickoff of the premiere of ‘Fear The Walking Dead.’

Many other sites promote the plot of the story and its sharp contrast to the walking dead. Fear the walking dead, unlike the walking dead, sprouts in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. The walking dead only arises in the apocalyptic aftermath, whereas, fear the walking dead steps right inside the epicenter of the zombie apocalypse as it is happening. This broadens the viewers understanding about the human condition in the center of an apocalyptic event both physically and mentally. How does social dynamics, human survival, and personality play a role in an apocalyptic event? Furthermore, how do different personalities cope with this type of situation both in a social and non-social setting. This is something ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ will be able to elaborate upon and if Kirkman and his writers have this type of psychological perspective, we all will be in for an unbelievable series.

Additionally, it has been revealed that unlike the Grimes family, the new family we are to follow including characters Madison and Alicia (played by Australian born actor Alycia Debnam-Carey; shown in the picture below)

fear the walking dead character alicia

will be setup up as a more dysfunctional family. This family forms as pieces of other families coming as one. Personalities and social cohesion will play out in unpredictable way as the apocalypse keeps throwing more and more at them.

With all this being released there need to be something on the walkers or zombies. Kirkman stated that the zombies would be much more fresh than the walking dead. Of course, seeing the walking dead zombies are now 3 to 4 years older. What we are curious to find out is just how fresh these zombies will be. Will they be zombies straight out of “Shawn of the dead” where they full on run (more of an aggressive disease type host) or zombies will walker (smybiotic relationship and brain function completely falls to the wayside). So there are many things to look forward to including survive situations. I for one am excited. How about you?

The Walking Dead Season 5 Midseason Finale – What We Read, Shocked Us!

What I learned about what was to come for the walking dead season 5 prior to the airing, utterly left me stunned. The AMC television show, “The Walking Dead, has become a series masterpiece reaching as high as 30 million viewers.

The show is a media phenomena that defies what we know about viewer interest. That being said, what has made the show a hit success comes down to a science: 1) Lots of gore; 2) Impressive casting; and 3) Stunning story line that implements human behavior and personality.

The creator, Robert Kirkman is known for his writing antics, placing everything on the edge, pushing the boundaries of comic and television lines. In order to be successful, one needs to be willing to step out of the comfort zone and press notions that rarely are brought to light.


This being said, many aspects of this season has already pushed viewers to their limits including the consumption of human flesh (cannibalism), but where does it end? The last episode, we come to understand that the group continues to show their humanity, but in the end, doesn’t work out for them. As a result, it puts many people in bad situations and leads them into arena that ultimately can get them killed.

Now, if you have made it this far in reading this post, you are at that moment where you are wondering where the headline comes into play. You are sort of annoyed and on the verge of pissed. But the simple fact is this post is supposed to gain awareness for what the television has in stored. Someone is going to die that is relatively important to us while leaving us questioning the outcome of others. Think back at what has happened so far. Look at the sneak peek video. What does all of this have in common and tell us about what the mid-season finale should present? As we know, things never totally go the way Rick plans and it is too soon for the group to remove themselves from the present situation and continue on their merry way.

Giving away the ending is something that I have been known for, but rather not kill the interest and anticipation. All I will reveal is that “weakness has been revealed and a newer threat is about to rear its ugly head.”

AMC The Walking Dead Season 5 – Trailer from Comic Con Revealed

As you all might know, comic con is going on this week in California and recently the trailer amc’s the walking dead season 5 was revealed. Below is a free online youtube clip of approximately three and a half minutes of the premiere of the walking dead season 5. Watch and enjoy your little slice of heaven. Get ready fans for a phenomenal season.


Preparation for season 5 of the walking dead

The walking dead television series on AMC has been a breath of fresh air in the television show industry. Like most of you have read or see being plastered across your television screen is constant reality and drama shows that aren’t original. Nowadays, you aren’t a television show broadcast network unless you have one streamline forensic crime show. Furthermore, the shows are completely trash. Some might not agree with me, but as someone coming up with a Forensic Science Masters degree, it’s off-putting. The problem is that many people watching the show don’t have any science background and use the knowledge they gain from the these television shows as truth or relative truth. This translates into people sitting on a jury that expect none realistic expectations from scientists.
In addition, we have these other television shows of real tv… that aren’t real tv, rather a bunch of misfits that have been allowed on a network to throw poop at one another. They don’t understand that they have been specifically selected (personality wise) to do just that, create drama.
Then there is the walking dead. People take this show as science fiction. Well, as a scientist, and one who has received degrees in Biochemistry, I can tell you that this show really isn’t impossible. There are viruses and bacterium that can effect your body in a manner that results as shown on the show to a degree. Viruses rapidly change, there strain increasingly unstable and it’s a continual fight to stay ahead of the curve. So this show introduces us with a very likely possibility and what the human condition will experience pending on the psychological profile.
This leads to the ultimate importance of the article that I am writing. Preparing for a show like this is like a marathon. There are going to be serious bumps in the road where they will be unable to move forward. The expectations in this show is that characters will die, especially important characters. Look for those signs because the writers make it very apparent. Also, re-watch the episodes so you have a strong foundation coming into the next series. Do some research about survival guides and viruses. Being aware of survival in general is good. Hopefully it will never have to be used, but the knowledge could come in handy sometime. Look into psychology and group dynamics, this will help you to understand what is going on and why certain people act the way they do. This will be helpful in real life as well are social beings naturally.
Lastly, keep reading up when you have time. See what’s happening with the cast and production. Sometimes they give you hints as to what is probably going to happen.

What Makes The Walking Dead the Most Watched Drama Series in Cable History?

A horror drama series that premiered in later half of 2010, The Walking Dead quickly made it to the top of the popularity charts as one of America’s most watched drama series. With die-hard fans waiting with bated breath for season 5, it is clear that the series is going to enjoy another power packed, craze inducing season when it makes a return to the small screen. Seeing that the very first season grabbed a 96% ‘Certified Fresh’ rating from Rotten Tomatoes, it is evident that the thrill inducing content is one of the biggest audience pullers in this drama series.
‘Emotionally Resonant’ Says Rotten Tomatoes
Describing the first season of The Walking Dead, Rotten Tomatoes hit the nail on the head, using the term ‘emotionally resonant’ to describe the series. Through seasons 1 to 4, the makers have managed to hook the audience emotionally, and make them feel the sorrow, fear, hope, and anticipation just as intensely as the characters themselves. Backed by stellar performances, excellent direction and some beautiful edge-of-your-seat action, there is little that the viewer is left wanting at the end of each episode.
Viewers Love Survivalist Stories
The Walking Dead can probably be described as the ‘Mother of all Survivalist Stories’, considering the storyline. Its inherent message that hope can light the way when the situation seems impossible has touched a chord with the audience and with good cause. After all, who doesn’t like to see the good guys win despite the overwhelming odds? Right alongside the epic struggle that the lead characters endure is the growing understanding of their own weaknesses, the dawning of the knowledge that things are not what they seem to be at the outset. It is these aspects that keep viewers hooked to the show, episode after episode.

Watch the marathon this July and see what is revealed.

For those of you that are true walking dead fans, there will be another chance to watch season 4 when the 4th of July rolls around. AMC will be running re-runs of the show all day. During this all day marathon to celebrate this nations independence, the writers of the series have “supposedly” allowed for little tidbits to be shared with its fans prior to the unveiling of the season 5 trailer.
The Walking dead is the number 1 hit television show series right now and for the weekend, July 4-6, AMC will be running seasons one through 4 starting at 9:00 AM and running continuously through the weekend. The weekend finally will end with an episode preview of the talking dead hosted by Chris Hardwick at 9:00pm ET on July 6th. The featured guests are to be executive producer Scott M. Gimple and actress Aisha Tyler.
Furthermore, on July 8th 10:00 ET, the series will go inside the walking dead. This one hour special will map out the entire series and the viewers will be able to go behind the scenes to view the important people that make this show such a success.

But wait! There is more. On July 15 10:00 ET/PT, the viewers will be able to see the detail put into going from extra to walker. This is something very unique and something to take notes. If you want to be a walker extra, this is where you will want to learn. I know that I would be if I was ever called to do it. There is a lot to prepare for when becoming a walker. These steps include behavior, demeanor, position, posture, mindset, stress optimization, and much more.
For those that have only heard about the show, this is a great way to catch up prior to the series 5 premiere in October. Althought the post date hasn’t been set, this is the best time to set that DVR to catch up on televisions most watched tv series about a post-apocalyptic and comic inspired series where the story begins months after a viral and disease ridden world comes to an end and lone survivors must group together to save the world from human annihilation.

Death of Glenn? Could this finally be… Speculations

Although it has been speculating across the interwebs, it seems that there is a lot of controversy over what might happen to Glenn. Many reporters stationed outside the hit television series camping grounds saw some interesting viewage of the possible death of a very important character. Many are stating that this star is none other than Glenn. There seems to be a lot of uproar and shock over this being a possibility.

Whether the resultant comes to be the actual death of Glenn, he will be sorely missed. But everything in the past season has led up to this point, either Maggie or Glenn was going to come to an end. The foreshadowing that echoed the most was the burning of Maggie’s portrait. From that point on it was pretty clear that one of the two was going to die in the oncoming season.

While this is hard to say, the shows premise is the apocalypse and anything can happen. We can’t live in a television show world where all the main characters survive through the harshest landscape and existence known to man, it just doesn’t work that way. Honestly, this won’t be the last time we see one of them. To help determine whom will most likely be dying, you can look at IMDB. Below is what Steven Yeun is up to:

Chew (Video) (filming)
Tony Chu (2014)

He is shooting another film, could this mean that he is indeed leaving the cast? It could be but it is known the actors and actresses work hard on several productions at once so this isn’t necessarily an indicator. Something to watch out for.


The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10 – In the Woods They Walk

Episode 10 starts with a pan onto Tyreese and the girls. In the woods and in the open, Tyreese must snap out of himself and protect the children that is with him. In his arms, the child so many long to know what happened to. It’s a fight of sanity and the girls try to be tough. One of the girls is slowly numbing her emotion, cut off from reality and numb to fear and pain. Hints within the show such as her killing the rabbits and her about to smother Rick’s daughter. She should be watched and council-ed. Her younger sister tries to be tough, but it’s not within her to be that numb. This aspect of the show explains the two polar opposites and what can occur when traumatic events or life and death situations can change your behavioral response.
Tyreese hears something in the distance and is forced to go check it out. He is a knight and shining armor. To do this, he must leave the girls alone. Tyreese runs off to find to gentlemen getting attacked by walkers, to which both of them get bitten. As he helps, the girls are in trouble as walkers slowly creep in. Right before all is lost, Carol steps in to save their lives. Carol gets reunited with Tyreese, but you can tell she has a lot on her mind.

Maggie and Bob are in a creek trying to figure out where to go. Bob gets shot and is getting recovered with some bandages. Maggie must continue on to find Glenn. As the group walks, they come upon the bus, to which, Maggie must find out if Glenn is among the dead. One by one, they release walkers only to find at the end, with increase anxiety, Glenn is not among the dead.
We pan to Glenn lying on a street above a mass of walkers. He is broken inside and is trying to keep himself together as he is unable to know whether Maggie is still alive or not. He finds his way back to the prison where he stumbles into his bunk. A picture lays in front of him after laying on the bed in the prison, giving him some solace and comfort. He quickly starts to gather supplies, a knife under one of the bunks in one of the prison cells. He is getting ready to survive. We understand that through this hard time of not knowing what has happened to Maggie, he is determined to survive.
With armor on he runs out into the prison courtyard where he is consumed by walkers. Along his escape, he sees someone with his or her head down behind a wall. Who is this? Should he stay and find out?
Glenn understand the that she was apart of what happened, but Glenn knew the humanity. She explains to Glenn that he trusted the Governor until he shot Herschel. Words are exchanged about not forgetting and always believing. Why they go into a killing spree is beyond me but it leads to Glenn getting hurt and losing consciousness. A truck pulls up and a new mystery group pulls up…. Sergeant Abraham Ford and they are looking for more people.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9 – The Midseason Return

The mid-season return was last night. People were charged to find out what happened to the group as they were all forced to split up. The season has become a little more grimier and emotional. When one expected the emotion to dust off, everyone got flipped upside down. Although it wasn’t shocking to me what happened with Carl, it evoked a lot of anger out of me in how someone who thinks he is so old, could say the things that he did.
But that was the defining moment in the episode, it emphasized Carl’s inability, his lack of maturity to understand that he is still too young to take care of himself. Every teen goes through those years where they think they are invincible, they lack respect and understanding of the rigors of life and the consequences that follow. Time and time again we see Carl trying to handle himself only coming up short. He finds that every time he gets in a very bad scenario, he must remind himself that he is in control and is strong, when we all know that the more one tries to convince himself of that, the more they are in need of help and aren’t ready for the harshness of life (to walk alone through).

I think for all the teens out there that watched the show and are reading this blog, even for me, it reminds me of the childhood and the empowering feeling I once had. Yet, I lacked the maturity and understanding of what the world really was about and my place sort of in it. Even though we all continually try to understand our part in this world. Chandler Riggs has solidified himself as a mature actor to me. His acting was unlike anything I had seen from a young actor, actor, or leading actor. I think this was an immense growing experience for him as an actor and spoke to him on several different levels.
This episode was very important to teens that watched. Take away the fact that although you are strong, and you need independence, you aren’t strong enough yet. Don’t rush to be an adult… trust me, you will regret it years later. I know I do.
Michonne is a deeply complex character. She literally and symbolically is on a double edged sword. The Katana to me represents to paths she is walking and we heard in the talking dead afterwards. She is fighting this urge to feel. This was seen at the very first episode we meet her. It emphasized this pain she didn’t want to feel nor the weakness she wanted others to see. Last nights episode teeter tottered on this path that she didn’t to go down and led her to decide once and for all who she wanted to be.
I think the key to this entire episode for Michonne, the defining moment in the story last night was the Katana to her double. She had been lost for sometime now and this action told all watching that there are things in this life that you won’t agree with, that will tear at your being in the worst of ways, but hiding those emotions and bottling up who you really are is a recipe for disaster. A debilitating crash will occur sometime down the road. Humans are social creatures by nature. We can’t go this alone. Don’t go at it alone. If there is one thing you come away with from this article, that is number one.
Lastly, the writers of this show amaze me every day. They take psychology and emotion and physicality to a whole new level and I am amazed to see how these roles have developed.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4 – Carol’s Psyche Examined

As the new episode starts we re-examine the psyche of Carol. She has taken upon a new dimension, a new behavior, in which she is trying to protect herself from caring. In doing so, she is desensitizing the children. To not be scared, or fight the emotion is not to be human. It’s not about not being scared, but controlling fear, knowing you can do something about it.

We have seen Carol completely morph due to all the death and sorrow she has had to deal with. Finally we see what it’s like when someone with Carol’s personality and psyche is faced with an enormous amount of stress and fear.

We see two parties, the group to find penicillin and the group to find anything they can use at the prison. Rick and Carol set off into a neighborhood in search of anything that might help their plight. It turns into a rescue operation where a group locks themselves within a room. Daryl, Tyrese, Bill, and Michonne have walked through the woods to where they come upon an abandoned rest stop only to see that it either has been booby trapped or locked using car wiring. Tyrese is still struggling as he should be with what is going on, but is becoming a hazard to all as they are attacked by a group of walkers.

The show really follows these two groups in this episode and the different experiences that have lead them to who they are now. Rick and Carol, especially Rick wants to still be a protector, while Carol sees everyone as needing to be strong and help. The two new members of the group found in the house that Rick and Carol enter are eager to join and help out anyway they can, this is only determined after they answers Ricks answers correctly.

We then pan back to Michonne and Tyrese. Michonne is mad at Tyrese because he is so overtaken by anger, just like she was. This relationship will help both of them cope. Bill finally comes out to tell Daryl that he is the cause and the cause alone for the kids death in the supermarket. He is trying to pin his mistakes on himself and his drinking and Daryl calls him on it.

We delve deeper into the madness we think of Carol and Rick. What makes them wrong verse what makes them right. They hash out about who they are and what they have come to be or what has lead them down the road they are on now. We finally understand why Carol is acting the way she does, why she changes the way she does. And when both of them are just starting to cope or release the bottled anger from within, they walk upon one of them half eaten new group members they had just met. Why didn’t her gun go off? There are a lot of questions about what happened. Did her hubby have something to do with this. Rick and Carol must re-examine who they have brought into their group.

Rick and Carol are left waiting for the other member of the group to show up at the house, but we find out that he never shows. At this moment, we see that Carol has elevated herself to leader status. The episode pans back to michonne and the group as they find the necessary supplies to help all those that are sick. As they are leaving, they run into a little problem. Walkers from all corners of the veterinary hospital come crashing down on them. We see as Bill is left fighting for the ‘meds’ inside his bag that he has come to have a pulling match, that what is left inside that bag is really just a bottle of liquor. Thus guaranteeing his problems and his willingness to put peoples lives in danger and on the back end for this numbing agent.

We see Rick make his stand at the end of the episode to Carol. What she did was wrong. She took justice into her own hands and killed those that could have been saved. Rick gave her an easy way out by allowing her to live. A part of him feels guilty though.