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Robert Kirkman Reveals Gruesome Details Around The Premiere of ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

With ‘The Walking Dead’ frenzy going on in the Apocalyptic universe, many questions have been raised about just how far this universe could actually go. Recently, Kirkman took a conference call with Fangoria, this last week. He was asked this very same question about the expansion of ‘the walking dead’ universe with limited event series. Robert Kirkman’s reply to the question was pretty simple and sweet, stating to paraphrase, that those ideas of short limited series are not off the table and could be done in the future, but are not currently being pursued. Kirkman wanted to focus on making the walking dead and fear the walking dead (which premieres in August) series the best series the writers could put out.

On this same conference call Kirkman revealed to the great people of Fangoria that Fear The Walking Dead would contain more chaos than the first season of the walking dead, which is pretty big news. Expect for quite the kickoff of the premiere of ‘Fear The Walking Dead.’

Many other sites promote the plot of the story and its sharp contrast to the walking dead. Fear the walking dead, unlike the walking dead, sprouts in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. The walking dead only arises in the apocalyptic aftermath, whereas, fear the walking dead steps right inside the epicenter of the zombie apocalypse as it is happening. This broadens the viewers understanding about the human condition in the center of an apocalyptic event both physically and mentally. How does social dynamics, human survival, and personality play a role in an apocalyptic event? Furthermore, how do different personalities cope with this type of situation both in a social and non-social setting. This is something ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ will be able to elaborate upon and if Kirkman and his writers have this type of psychological perspective, we all will be in for an unbelievable series.

Additionally, it has been revealed that unlike the Grimes family, the new family we are to follow including characters Madison and Alicia (played by Australian born actor Alycia Debnam-Carey; shown in the picture below)

fear the walking dead character alicia

will be setup up as a more dysfunctional family. This family forms as pieces of other families coming as one. Personalities and social cohesion will play out in unpredictable way as the apocalypse keeps throwing more and more at them.

With all this being released there need to be something on the walkers or zombies. Kirkman stated that the zombies would be much more fresh than the walking dead. Of course, seeing the walking dead zombies are now 3 to 4 years older. What we are curious to find out is just how fresh these zombies will be. Will they be zombies straight out of “Shawn of the dead” where they full on run (more of an aggressive disease type host) or zombies will walker (smybiotic relationship and brain function completely falls to the wayside). So there are many things to look forward to including survive situations. I for one am excited. How about you?