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The Walking Dead Season 2 Games Finale – Clementine’s “No Going Back”

Season 2 of the walking dead video games finally comes to an end, but not without an awesome 5 minute trailer. It seems that telltale is never really going to leave Season 2 behind, but the good thing is that they have signed for a season 3 already. Overkill has won the coveted title for this 3rd season. Like stated in an earlier article, the “No Going Back” episode exposes the main character, “Clementine” with more responsibility. The question is, will she be able to handle it?

The atmosphere of this game places not only the player, but the onlookers in suspense. With winter setting in, Clementine’s time for looking for food and shelter diminishes. With this increased anxiety trying to sustain not just her but her child, your actions will decide her fate. The real question is, how will you handle the pressure of saving two innocent characters in the harshness of the walking dead.