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Gale Ann Hurd – Shares Some Key Information For Season 5

Over the past year, many of us have been waiting to see specific things. We keep holding on to this notion that certain aspects of the show will materialize. Even I as the writer of this fantastic  website, I believe in many aspects of the show coming true. But sometimes it’s just not as simple as making things happen the way the audience would intend them to.

Zap2it got to interview Gale Ann Hurd during their month free from shooting. They appeared at this years Comic con and has had the luxury of giving a little teasing during the interview. There are many aspects of the show that we don’t know about or don’t talk much about. Gale opens up about certain key important topics that have been circulating the ethers while talking about how the show will push forward, even though the onlookers might not be too happy.

In this interview, she talks about how the walking dead is supposed to progress and the intense meaning behind “terminus” or “terminate” or even “termites.” It’s not really a stretch of the imagination that this is the name of this location. They have become so significant that they have their own nickname, she states.

Furthermore, Gale states that the group will remove themselves from the woods. Which isn’t that shocking. Look at what the end of the last season showed us. But their urban setting is going to change. This urban change is coming to Washington D.C. Being in another urban setting like this is extremely difficult with all the variables. The only good thing that comes out of this is the mass killings. I believe this will turn into a zombieland where survivors are trying to create the best kind of kill there is.

There will never be really any happiness for Daryl, she replies. She goes into a monologue of how many people have been expecting Daryl to be in love with Beth or get together with Carol, but the matter of fact is that for now Daryl will never truly be happy. Furthermore, there is a scare that Carol might go down this season, but Gale explicitly states that just because he presence was limited if any in the trailer release, doesn’t mean she won’t be in the show.

Lastly, the show isn’t the walking dead season 5 until some important emotional deaths arise. This is the nature of the show she states. So we should expect the unexpected.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4 – Carol’s Psyche Examined

As the new episode starts we re-examine the psyche of Carol. She has taken upon a new dimension, a new behavior, in which she is trying to protect herself from caring. In doing so, she is desensitizing the children. To not be scared, or fight the emotion is not to be human. It’s not about not being scared, but controlling fear, knowing you can do something about it.

We have seen Carol completely morph due to all the death and sorrow she has had to deal with. Finally we see what it’s like when someone with Carol’s personality and psyche is faced with an enormous amount of stress and fear.

We see two parties, the group to find penicillin and the group to find anything they can use at the prison. Rick and Carol set off into a neighborhood in search of anything that might help their plight. It turns into a rescue operation where a group locks themselves within a room. Daryl, Tyrese, Bill, and Michonne have walked through the woods to where they come upon an abandoned rest stop only to see that it either has been booby trapped or locked using car wiring. Tyrese is still struggling as he should be with what is going on, but is becoming a hazard to all as they are attacked by a group of walkers.

The show really follows these two groups in this episode and the different experiences that have lead them to who they are now. Rick and Carol, especially Rick wants to still be a protector, while Carol sees everyone as needing to be strong and help. The two new members of the group found in the house that Rick and Carol enter are eager to join and help out anyway they can, this is only determined after they answers Ricks answers correctly.

We then pan back to Michonne and Tyrese. Michonne is mad at Tyrese because he is so overtaken by anger, just like she was. This relationship will help both of them cope. Bill finally comes out to tell Daryl that he is the cause and the cause alone for the kids death in the supermarket. He is trying to pin his mistakes on himself and his drinking and Daryl calls him on it.

We delve deeper into the madness we think of Carol and Rick. What makes them wrong verse what makes them right. They hash out about who they are and what they have come to be or what has lead them down the road they are on now. We finally understand why Carol is acting the way she does, why she changes the way she does. And when both of them are just starting to cope or release the bottled anger from within, they walk upon one of them half eaten new group members they had just met. Why didn’t her gun go off? There are a lot of questions about what happened. Did her hubby have something to do with this. Rick and Carol must re-examine who they have brought into their group.

Rick and Carol are left waiting for the other member of the group to show up at the house, but we find out that he never shows. At this moment, we see that Carol has elevated herself to leader status. The episode pans back to michonne and the group as they find the necessary supplies to help all those that are sick. As they are leaving, they run into a little problem. Walkers from all corners of the veterinary hospital come crashing down on them. We see as Bill is left fighting for the ‘meds’ inside his bag that he has come to have a pulling match, that what is left inside that bag is really just a bottle of liquor. Thus guaranteeing his problems and his willingness to put peoples lives in danger and on the back end for this numbing agent.

We see Rick make his stand at the end of the episode to Carol. What she did was wrong. She took justice into her own hands and killed those that could have been saved. Rick gave her an easy way out by allowing her to live. A part of him feels guilty though.