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15 The Walking Dead Memes – From Season 4

As the new season of the walking dead slowly creeps closer and closer, the anticipation is salivating. That’s why it is rated the number 1 television show in America. From this show, some funny things have resulted. Memes about the entire cast and crew have crawled through the internet, lighting up peoples Amygdala.

Season 4 has especially brought us some memorable images that some people have cut, cropped, and glued back together, to bring out the hilarity of the show. Below comes from different parts of the web that I was able to utilize.

That being said, the Governor was pretty cocky and high on himself.

With him showing of his…

5eAtEdLbasketball skills. And when he made it pretty clear that he was the one to beat when he stated,

th walking dead season 4 memes, the governor, daryl, and rick

The governor, as I last recall, had a bad day! And so did Herschel. But on the upside Herschel did get reunited… (And it feels so good).

herschel With his leg of course. But let’s be honest, we know why he had to be let go…


And used his abilities to try to save Sasha.


But we all know Herschel had it good unlike Tyrese and Carol when,


tyrese and carol

When Carol had to shoot Lizzie after she killed her sister, it still made…

lizzie and carolI think Rick is starting to warm up to Carol… Maybe..


Meanwhile, Daryl and Beth are kicking back drinking Moonshine and shootin stuff laid back. It seems the both of them are getting a little too intoxicated where Bill would have none of that…

billBeth was going to get the Daryl… but what she didn’t know…


But then Carl had to interject before the situation got a little too hot when…

carl grimes

(That’s a pretty good one)..  But this doesn’t stop Glenn and Maggie from booing out with love notes on the road.

glenn rhee and maggie

But we all are afraid for the foreshadowing we have come to watch. Like Daryl and Carl, we all have wondered  what Beth taste’s like. Even if it comes in a…


But it all falls back to the original crime series…


Stay classy and when in doubt, just “CLAIM!”


Season 4 Premiere for The Walking Dead

david morrissey the walking dead season 4 amc










The where abouts of David Morrissey as the Governor is hinted within flashback episodes that will be airing soon. Gale Anne Hurd said that they have intentionally left the governor out of promotional material to keep that added effect of spice to the show.

Fans of the show shouldn’t expect to see the Governor much as he won’t have a strong presence in the beginning episodes, nor will he have a significant presence throughout the season. We don’t really know his whereabouts as of now and we don’t know how much he really will be focused upon this season. We do know that the Governor will be covered in two instances. Does this mean that we will only see him twice this season? Well maybe we will find out more as the season comes closer.

We can confirm from Andrew Lincoln that the two of them will meet again as Mr. Lincoln says, “We’re going to meet again. And there will be blood, as they say.”

Not much has been talked about when it has come to this new dreary, spooky, and gloomy addition to the show. Only that it’s smart and making life miserable for those at the prison.

Fun Fact: Like most people and Americans, the television show hit series, Duck Dynasty, is beloved by Andrew Lincoln. Norman Reedus bought Andrew a doormat for the outside of his trailer.