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Death of Glenn? Could this finally be… Speculations

Although it has been speculating across the interwebs, it seems that there is a lot of controversy over what might happen to Glenn. Many reporters stationed outside the hit television series camping grounds saw some interesting viewage of the possible death of a very important character. Many are stating that this star is none other than Glenn. There seems to be a lot of uproar and shock over this being a possibility.

Whether the resultant comes to be the actual death of Glenn, he will be sorely missed. But everything in the past season has led up to this point, either Maggie or Glenn was going to come to an end. The foreshadowing that echoed the most was the burning of Maggie’s portrait. From that point on it was pretty clear that one of the two was going to die in the oncoming season.

While this is hard to say, the shows premise is the apocalypse and anything can happen. We can’t live in a television show world where all the main characters survive through the harshest landscape and existence known to man, it just doesn’t work that way. Honestly, this won’t be the last time we see one of them. To help determine whom will most likely be dying, you can look at IMDB. Below is what Steven Yeun is up to:

Chew (Video) (filming)
Tony Chu (2014)

He is shooting another film, could this mean that he is indeed leaving the cast? It could be but it is known the actors and actresses work hard on several productions at once so this isn’t necessarily an indicator. Something to watch out for.