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Gale Ann Hurd – Shares Some Key Information For Season 5

Over the past year, many of us have been waiting to see specific things. We keep holding on to this notion that certain aspects of the show will materialize. Even I as the writer of this fantastic  website, I believe in many aspects of the show coming true. But sometimes it’s just not as simple as making things happen the way the audience would intend them to.

Zap2it got to interview Gale Ann Hurd during their month free from shooting. They appeared at this years Comic con and has had the luxury of giving a little teasing during the interview. There are many aspects of the show that we don’t know about or don’t talk much about. Gale opens up about certain key important topics that have been circulating the ethers while talking about how the show will push forward, even though the onlookers might not be too happy.

In this interview, she talks about how the walking dead is supposed to progress and the intense meaning behind “terminus” or “terminate” or even “termites.” It’s not really a stretch of the imagination that this is the name of this location. They have become so significant that they have their own nickname, she states.

Furthermore, Gale states that the group will remove themselves from the woods. Which isn’t that shocking. Look at what the end of the last season showed us. But their urban setting is going to change. This urban change is coming to Washington D.C. Being in another urban setting like this is extremely difficult with all the variables. The only good thing that comes out of this is the mass killings. I believe this will turn into a zombieland where survivors are trying to create the best kind of kill there is.

There will never be really any happiness for Daryl, she replies. She goes into a monologue of how many people have been expecting Daryl to be in love with Beth or get together with Carol, but the matter of fact is that for now Daryl will never truly be happy. Furthermore, there is a scare that Carol might go down this season, but Gale explicitly states that just because he presence was limited if any in the trailer release, doesn’t mean she won’t be in the show.

Lastly, the show isn’t the walking dead season 5 until some important emotional deaths arise. This is the nature of the show she states. So we should expect the unexpected.

Season 4 Premiere for The Walking Dead

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The where abouts of David Morrissey as the Governor is hinted within flashback episodes that will be airing soon. Gale Anne Hurd said that they have intentionally left the governor out of promotional material to keep that added effect of spice to the show.

Fans of the show shouldn’t expect to see the Governor much as he won’t have a strong presence in the beginning episodes, nor will he have a significant presence throughout the season. We don’t really know his whereabouts as of now and we don’t know how much he really will be focused upon this season. We do know that the Governor will be covered in two instances. Does this mean that we will only see him twice this season? Well maybe we will find out more as the season comes closer.

We can confirm from Andrew Lincoln that the two of them will meet again as Mr. Lincoln says, “We’re going to meet again. And there will be blood, as they say.”

Not much has been talked about when it has come to this new dreary, spooky, and gloomy addition to the show. Only that it’s smart and making life miserable for those at the prison.

Fun Fact: Like most people and Americans, the television show hit series, Duck Dynasty, is beloved by Andrew Lincoln. Norman Reedus bought Andrew a doormat for the outside of his trailer.