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He’s not dead! Steven Yeun still filming episodes.

Well if the title hasn’t given it away already, Steven Yeun, the actor who plays Glenn Rhee has been found still filming episodes of the walking dead recently. Fans of the relationship between Glenn and Maggie, you can sigh a little relief as they still are together. That or they shot his final episode first, hardly.
Rumors have been circulating the internet that Glenn might be on his final leg with the walking dead and although it’s not 100% confirmed he is still with the group, this indication that he is still filming is pretty strong. Just about a month ago, there was a scene being shot that indicated a main character was going to be leaving the walker family. Even though we can’t say this isn’t true, we can say with a high percentage it most likely will not be Glenn.

Now, there is also one thing to take into consideration. Maybe Glenn was on his final scenes. Is it possible that the producers and the higher ups at AMC decided that his following was so great, they had to keep Glenn in? This is most likely not the case, but it’s something to keep in consideration seeing this does happen quite often.
We thought that we would update you on the later information that has been moving through the ether!

Daryl’s Last Breath? The Walking Dead Postulates

The past couple of weeks there have been rumors floating around the interwebs. There have been little tweets and whispers about where Daryl fits within the grand scheme of the walking dead. Daryl, played by Norman Reedus, was never a main character. In fact, Daryl should have been killed off a long time ago, but was saved by the executives. The mere fact that Norman Reedus was playing the character was a problem in itself. The reason for this is it’s hard to place such an iconic actor in a short term role and not keep him around.

Reedus plays his role to perfection and it’s exciting to watch him develop into the role and watch his character develop. But the reality is they are in a post-apocalyptic era, with too many unknowns to worry about. I think it’s unfair to single out Daryl. I love Daryl as much as the next teenage girl (I’m a 26 year old guy… so not really), but it’s unfair to make one character immune to death. The arena has been set and it’s only a matter of time before all of them will fall in some way, shape, or form.

Now what they could do is make the untold story of Daryl Dixon as another show off the walking dead to show how Daryl grew up to the person he has become. I just feel like it’s unfair to make one character immortal in the realm we have placed them. This is not to offend Mr. Reedus, but looking at the situation and Daryl’s very dynamic behavior, there are too many areas to which he has become vulnerable. Kirkman loves Reedus and his character. We will see Daryl’s continual role within the show and I don’t think we have much to worry about as far as Daryl leaving this earth.

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2 – Tyreese the Love Bird

the walking dead season 4 episode 2

The show opens up with a scene outside the prison as a walker hovers over the fence. We pan back to the new love birds of Tyreese and the new group member. She leaves him to go to the bathroom and quickly wash her face. After being startled and looking around for any possible people, she walks back to her cell to go to sleep. The recently turned child walker moves from his slumber and makes his way over to her cell before hearing movement in another cell saving her life. Before the first break, a poor new members soul gets his neck ripped from his body.

Coming back, Rick awakens holding his child in his arms. Rick and Carl take there usual rounds to feed the livestock when shots are heard coming from inside the prison. Carl asks his father if he can have his gun back and that he is sorry, that he is trying really hard. We see Carl remove a rifle to take down a walker about to attack Michonne. Panic sets as everyone rushes to the location of the shots. Meanwhile, Michonne while coming back to the camp, gets attacked by some walkers as a few sneak past Carl. As Rick and Daryl run into D-block, they see an overrun cell full of walkers. They quickly scramble to kill the infected and turned securing the rest. As it comes to an end, they find one attacked is more gone than originally thought. There were several close calls.

Lisa and Mika, the two young girls see there father for the very last time. Mika tries to end her fathers pain for herself but is just unable to do it. The raw emotion of having to end a sibling or parent is unimaginable. Carol is forced to take over and stab him in the head. There is a meeting amongst those that might have been caught in cell block D, that might have been exposed to what they think is some sort of fast acting Flu that kills in a day. We pan back to outside as Carl shows signs of improvement, emotion after the kill of the walker. He apologizes to his father, that is short lived as Rick is forced to push Carl aware in fright of getting ill. The camera moves back to the talking of the illness and we hear a cough. The original group Tyreese, his girlfriend is sick and must be separated from the others.

Carol talks to the girls, Mika seems to be hysterical. Daryl is digging graves outside when Rick comes up to help. It seems that Daryl is in need of leadership as he understands Ricks importance. Rick is unable to go back to that lifestyle, especially after what had happened. After about 5 minutes of them talking, Maggie screams for their help as the fence is started to get overwhelmed with walkers. We pan to Michonne as she feels helpless and a burden not realizing she is apart of the group. We see Maggie again as she is fighting the walkers. She falls unexpectedly and gets up slowly, which is unlike her and she doesnt have any physical problems indicating she most likely is pregnant. As the group continues to fight off the dead at the fence, it gets overwhelming and the walkers start to bend the fence.

In order to save the fence and thus save the group, Rick comes up with a plan to take the pigs he has raised and kill them to lore the walkers away from the fence. Meanwhile, we pan back to the cell where Michonne is getting wrapped up from a hurt ankle. She is forced to take care of Rick’s daughter after she throws up on Beth. There is a very close connection between Michonne and the child. Michonne was very hesitant which leads to most viewers to believe that she lost a child. The camera pans to Carl and Carol as they talk about what he saw last night. He doesn’t want to lie to his father anymore, but Carol brings up the point that these kids must learn to be strong and survive. She doesn’t ask him to lie rather not tell Rick what is going on. We see Rick get closer and closer to falling off the deepened once again.

It seems that Rick is being placed back in a role he doesn’t want to be in. It seems that things are about to change once again between Rick and Carl. Carl seems to be doing the right thing telling his father about what Carol has been doing. At the very end, we see Rick give Carol back his gun and business go back to the original way they were. It seems that Rick is becoming the leader once again. As the episode comes to an end, we see Tyreese look for his girlfriend using a bloody trail leading outside the confines of the prison, as a result he finds that they or someone lit them on fire.

Season 4 Premiere for The Walking Dead

david morrissey the walking dead season 4 amc










The where abouts of David Morrissey as the Governor is hinted within flashback episodes that will be airing soon. Gale Anne Hurd said that they have intentionally left the governor out of promotional material to keep that added effect of spice to the show.

Fans of the show shouldn’t expect to see the Governor much as he won’t have a strong presence in the beginning episodes, nor will he have a significant presence throughout the season. We don’t really know his whereabouts as of now and we don’t know how much he really will be focused upon this season. We do know that the Governor will be covered in two instances. Does this mean that we will only see him twice this season? Well maybe we will find out more as the season comes closer.

We can confirm from Andrew Lincoln that the two of them will meet again as Mr. Lincoln says, “We’re going to meet again. And there will be blood, as they say.”

Not much has been talked about when it has come to this new dreary, spooky, and gloomy addition to the show. Only that it’s smart and making life miserable for those at the prison.

Fun Fact: Like most people and Americans, the television show hit series, Duck Dynasty, is beloved by Andrew Lincoln. Norman Reedus bought Andrew a doormat for the outside of his trailer.

The Walking Dead Spin-Off Show Greenlight Possibly

The world of the zombie apocalypse is just starting for AMC. Recently, the general manager of AMC came out stating the television show was a no brainer. Seeing shows such as Mad Men and Breaking Bad are finishing up for good, AMC must come up with another production that will rock the television world. AMC releases statements and gave the thumbs up for a new spin-off of the walking dead that still has yet to be named. The show is set to premiere in 2015.

It’s important to state that the writers of the walking dead, producers, and directors will oversee this new child. Robert Kirkman recently stated that although the walking dead is his baby and has been for 10 years, it will great to finally have something new on his plate. The range of the zombie apocalypse and all that it encompasses is vast. Robert Kirkman aims to shed light on several topics that just wasn’t able to be done during the walking dead.