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The Walking Dead Season 5 Midseason Finale – What We Read, Shocked Us!

What I learned about what was to come for the walking dead season 5 prior to the airing, utterly left me stunned. The AMC television show, “The Walking Dead, has become a series masterpiece reaching as high as 30 million viewers.

The show is a media phenomena that defies what we know about viewer interest. That being said, what has made the show a hit success comes down to a science: 1) Lots of gore; 2) Impressive casting; and 3) Stunning story line that implements human behavior and personality.

The creator, Robert Kirkman is known for his writing antics, placing everything on the edge, pushing the boundaries of comic and television lines. In order to be successful, one needs to be willing to step out of the comfort zone and press notions that rarely are brought to light.


This being said, many aspects of this season has already pushed viewers to their limits including the consumption of human flesh (cannibalism), but where does it end? The last episode, we come to understand that the group continues to show their humanity, but in the end, doesn’t work out for them. As a result, it puts many people in bad situations and leads them into arena that ultimately can get them killed.

Now, if you have made it this far in reading this post, you are at that moment where you are wondering where the headline comes into play. You are sort of annoyed and on the verge of pissed. But the simple fact is this post is supposed to gain awareness for what the television has in stored. Someone is going to die that is relatively important to us while leaving us questioning the outcome of others. Think back at what has happened so far. Look at the sneak peek video. What does all of this have in common and tell us about what the mid-season finale should present? As we know, things never totally go the way Rick plans and it is too soon for the group to remove themselves from the present situation and continue on their merry way.

Giving away the ending is something that I have been known for, but rather not kill the interest and anticipation. All I will reveal is that “weakness has been revealed and a newer threat is about to rear its ugly head.”

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8 Review – The Guns Drawn

The guns are up and the ends are placed in motion. The governor preaches to his people what they must do to survive. He asks them something important. And that is to survive. To do this, he believe that they must overtake the prison, by any means necessary.
Some would like to believe that the Governor has changed in some way. Even Herschel would like to believe that somehow the Governor has changed, that or he is just trying to save his own skin… I will take the later. The problem is, the Governor is much more dangerous than he was before and we see this. He is willing to take any life and do anything it takes to “save” two individuals that he thinks are still alive in some way, shape, and form. But doesn’t understand that he is just going to lose them all the same.
The Governor says something at the very end to Herschel. How can someone who has a daughter or had a daughter, kill someone else’s. The Governor responds with little hesitation, “Because they aren’t mine.” Pretty cold!

Rick has that talk with Daryl and it seems that Daryl get more emotional than he has in a while. But is able to accept or understand the issue of sorts. Before Rick can tell Tyrese, Tyrese shows them a very odd situation in the depths of the prison. He shows them a rat strung up on a board as if medical or research experiments have taken place.
Just after, a loud bang as the prison shakes. The Governor is knocking at the door and has brought along Herschel and Michonne for peace keeping talks. It seems that the Governor and Rick are trying to hide themselves from power, but really they know all along that power was theirs.
As the Governor has become bloodthirsty for the prison, he has left the two individuals, whom he cherishes the most alone at their camp. As one finds that there encampment is more penetrable than they think, a walker comes up from the depths of the ground to bite the little girl in the neck. It seems that the war is inevitable.
There is no good that comes from what is going on. As Rick gives a hopeful out look, it seems that for a brief moment in time, the Governor believes in something as he holds the sword by the throat of Herschel. By the end of the talk, the war starts as the Governor removes Herschel’s head using Michonne’s sword. By the end of the war, Michonne will have her revenge.