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“Weakness and Naivety Within the New Walls” of The Walking Dead & Sneak Peek 513

Rick feels extremely uneasy in this new enclosure. Should he be? Deanna made it clear that they were very inexperienced and they left their gates open. On several occasions viewers have seen the group be increasingly naive making it clear that they cannot be trusted. What seems to be uniform across the ‘family’ is the “weakness” and more importantly, “naivety.” Episode 12 reminds viewers where Rick and the group were not so long ago. What they had to find out the hard way. And it seems that maybe this new group might also have to find out the hard way. Rick, Carl, Glenn and others are now finally seeing the weakness. These people are not being decisive nor understanding the severity of their situation. They cling onto false notions that human are inherently good people all the time. Rick explained this well when sitting down with Deanna, it is all about survival. People size you up and instantly understand what they can take from you. This group has been protected the entire time that they know nothing about risk. They know absolutely nothing about the dangers of the people, more so, the dangers of having Rick and the group around them.
We have bare witness to the group falling into several new positions. Instead of Rick and the group finding themselves in a position they must fight to survive, here they are with a group that lack of a better phrase, is the “Allegory of the Cave” to an extent. They know what has happened, but have no clue what has changed around them nor the full scope and danger it brings. They have zero experience with the outside world and know nothing about the dangers. That makes them a danger to themselves and Ricks group. This gets pointed out several times within the episode by Carl, Carol, Glenn, and more so, Rick. Without going too far in depth into the analysis of the past episode, it seems clear that the group is going to have to take the enclosure over if they are going to stay, or else there is too high of a chance for mistakes, errors, and death.

Sneak Peek of Episode 513

The Introduction of Episode 512 Sneak Peek Video Get Blood Pumping

Throughout this point, we have been exposed to many enclosures. None of which have provided security and normality, partially due to the world in the current situation. Every individual living through the apocalypse share post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, or a combination of both. In this sneak peek of the walking dead season 5 episode 12, still there is uneasiness from the group.. which should come as no surprise. Regardless if the containment location is safe, they are dealing with highly volatile personalities and thus in itself deserves hesitance. Within the “enclosure,” Carl seems to be securing a house when he comes into one of the only shut doors within the complex. I do not expect anything behind this door other than elevated blood pressures, but something very important will be revealed and thus why the sneak peek has been presented.


Season 4 Episode 12 Review on AMC – Realization For Daryl and Beth

So as you guys now obviously know about the second half of AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 4, episode after episode goes through different individuals pasts. What led them to become the individuals they are today. Why they react to certain anxiety and stress filled situations. Obtaining information about people’s past will allow people to understand how they will react in the future. Greg Nicotero and the writers and cast explore this very nature. Getting into the biological, neurobiological, and behavioral data within the each character.

As I write this, I myself will be trying to answer this very question for my these coming up. What we have always known is that stress always elicits a certain behavioral response. That relationship is always there. The question is, how does resilience mediate this interaction. Humans have certain levels of resilience. Whether we obtain this resilience genetically or through growth is also in question.

The great thing about these past episodes is that we start to understand resilience (the ability to bounce back from something traumatic or highly stressful), whether we have become numb to it from experience and learned to “cope” or it scars us for the rest of our lives. These episodes burrow into different human behavioral traits and coping mechanisms helping us understand how certain personality traits are more resilient than others.

This last episode with Daryl and Beth further amplifies personality traits and the ability to bounce back. But some people don’t know that humans by nature are social animals. We can’t be alone for too long before our minds start to wander and we become lost in our heads. There is a distinct reason the writers leave each person with another. Why we see Michonne alone once again and her ability to almost lose herself again.

There are a few certainties in life. One of which is that we never do things individually. Meaning, we never do things alone. Whether you are running in the desert on a 50 mile ultra marathon or get the Nobel prize in physics when secluded in your lab. The bricks and mortar have been laid down. It’s because other people have helped you along the way that the culmination of brain power and brawn led you to the successes you achieved. You took the culmination of everything you learned and achieved something others haven’t. But that can only happen as a group and that is what we see in these episodes. The ability to survive because you known someone has your back. If you don’t, then it’s just time before you die.

We jump briefly into the world of Beth and Daryl, what makes them who they are. They are somewhat opposites, or are they. They both had abusive parents. And Daryl kind of feels like Beths father. This anger he has inside stems from his inability to protect others, his brother. The alcohol is a symbol clarity and resolve. Although one has never drank and the other abused it, they meet in the middle, on common ground. All the built up anger and rage and depression has been pulled out. They have saved each other from death. Not from the walkers, rather from themselves.

I don’t believe we will see this relationship as the talking dead has kind of infiltrated a little. I see this more as Daryl stepping in as a father. And this time he has something to live for, to protect, just like Rick.