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The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer – Youtube Clip

Recently, amc the walking dead released a vital 1 minute trailer covering the entire season of the show. What is seen is completely shocking. Rick narrates the episode explaining to Carl that no matter what he thinks, he is never safe. From this, we see the brutality of cannibalism, the high speed and close calls from walkers, and the continual chase and manhunt.
What are we to expect? Who was on the table being carved? How much of this will be shown and acted out? Get ready folks, because you all are on a roller coaster ride. A roller coaster ride of emotion.


Possible SPOILER, Tyreese and Carol might have most important role on the walking dead.

The Walking Dead has been growing interest one season after the next. When all things in this storyline tell us that there will be failure (with main character deaths and such), the viewers kick back stronger with more and more anticipation. The great thing about this type of storyline is that any character is open for grabs and the audience very well knows this. One of the most dynamic characters in the past season, Tyreese and Carol, will expand on their roles in some way this oncoming season 5.
Tyreese, Carol, and Judith are still on the loose and it only seems fit that these characters have some increasing importance within the scope of the show. As we know from prior, Carol releases this built up anxiety that has been tearing away at her towards Tyreese. Tyreese’s forgiveness might be one of the strongest emotionally charged of yet on the show. For him there was a resolve when Carol was able to tell him that there was no suffering involved and I believe that was the most important thing for him.

That being said, there bond is much stronger than ever and we all know that when two people go through hell together, they become ultimately, unstoppable. What does this tell us then? Tyreese and Carol must play a significant role in the release of the captured. To be honest, unless someone slips up, leaving that cart is pretty much impossible. The help of Tyreese and Carol, whom are pretty much ready to do anything will come to their aide.
As the writer and a science nerd as is, I was watching an episode on creation of a solar system and the physics required to form a planet in the justified time frame. The gist of the episode explained how much gravity has a part in the speed of which a planet is created when the mass is a specific size. Anyways, as we have seen in this show, little by little the group collides with each other like this mass. When the final pieces come together, what will result is a cohesive network that fit like a puzzle. Rick and the team need Carol much more than they realize and I believe she is going to show us why.

He’s not dead! Steven Yeun still filming episodes.

Well if the title hasn’t given it away already, Steven Yeun, the actor who plays Glenn Rhee has been found still filming episodes of the walking dead recently. Fans of the relationship between Glenn and Maggie, you can sigh a little relief as they still are together. That or they shot his final episode first, hardly.
Rumors have been circulating the internet that Glenn might be on his final leg with the walking dead and although it’s not 100% confirmed he is still with the group, this indication that he is still filming is pretty strong. Just about a month ago, there was a scene being shot that indicated a main character was going to be leaving the walker family. Even though we can’t say this isn’t true, we can say with a high percentage it most likely will not be Glenn.

Now, there is also one thing to take into consideration. Maybe Glenn was on his final scenes. Is it possible that the producers and the higher ups at AMC decided that his following was so great, they had to keep Glenn in? This is most likely not the case, but it’s something to keep in consideration seeing this does happen quite often.
We thought that we would update you on the later information that has been moving through the ether!

Death of Glenn? Could this finally be… Speculations

Although it has been speculating across the interwebs, it seems that there is a lot of controversy over what might happen to Glenn. Many reporters stationed outside the hit television series camping grounds saw some interesting viewage of the possible death of a very important character. Many are stating that this star is none other than Glenn. There seems to be a lot of uproar and shock over this being a possibility.

Whether the resultant comes to be the actual death of Glenn, he will be sorely missed. But everything in the past season has led up to this point, either Maggie or Glenn was going to come to an end. The foreshadowing that echoed the most was the burning of Maggie’s portrait. From that point on it was pretty clear that one of the two was going to die in the oncoming season.

While this is hard to say, the shows premise is the apocalypse and anything can happen. We can’t live in a television show world where all the main characters survive through the harshest landscape and existence known to man, it just doesn’t work that way. Honestly, this won’t be the last time we see one of them. To help determine whom will most likely be dying, you can look at IMDB. Below is what Steven Yeun is up to:

Chew (Video) (filming)
Tony Chu (2014)

He is shooting another film, could this mean that he is indeed leaving the cast? It could be but it is known the actors and actresses work hard on several productions at once so this isn’t necessarily an indicator. Something to watch out for.