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The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 5-6

First off, I apologize for taking so long to write these reviews. Especially, to those that like reading my blog. As the maintainer of this blog, I also have several other jobs that require my time. So again, I apologize for those that might have been waiting.

With that being said, we stumble back into the age of the apocalypse, the walking dead season 5 episode 5. We have been through a lot up to this point and are wondering what is going on. We awake with Beth looking on and seeing Carol in the stretcher. She doesn’t really know how to take this, but I would believe that although she is unconscious, she is there. For Beth, this is reinforcement that she isn’t useless. In the moments during the prisons scenes and scenes with Daryl, she felt like she hadn’t been pulling her weight. She believed she was unimportant to a certain degree. Her helping Noah was this adrenaline rush where she became significant once again (Or at least I believe).

We return to Abraham and the group traveling North East to Washington D.C. And the progression of the series, Abraham gets increasingly impatient. We come to understand a little more about Abraham’s back story. Everyone within the group understands that they can’t hold up in one location, but at the same time cannot be negligent, which can lead to death. As they sit driving down a long and lonesome road, the engine explodes forcing the bus they are in to go tumbling over. Dazed from the bus landing on its side, the group (Abraham, Glenn, Maggie, Tara, Eugene) are forced to recover and attack the walkers head on. As walker by walker fall, Eugene makes an “assist,” spitting on his first kill (one upping the walker… marking his territory).

After everyone is able to regain focus and compose, Abraham gets his hand checked (which I believe he got bit, but this isn’t a spoiler… it is just what I believe), the group comes to a consensus to walk back to find another vehicle. Abraham is unable to fathom or contemplate that type of idea. As he was trained, he never stops and never backs down… but I think there is something else to this… they must move forward. It’s up to Glenn at this point bring him back to reality.

They come to a town where they are able to locate a new suitable vehicle, a fire truck, composed of 500 gallons of water. The truck is placed at such an angle as to keep something from coming out of a building. With everyone unaware, Abraham goes to move the truck to find out that body parts are blocking one of the valves on top of the truck. Unable to move the truck at the time, walkers are released from the prison they have been held in and Eugene once again comes to the rescue as he hoses the walkers down with the water.

They spend a night within one of the stores there. It is here that Eugene reveals an important secret and we see the bare ass of Abraham as he pounds away at Rosita. Eugene reveals that he is the one that sabotaged the bus. His reasoning was that he was useless to the group and once his mission was over, his life would become meaningless. This was revealed to Tara. Tara was extremely pissed seeing they all could have died from that, but stated that he wasn’t useless and that they were a group. They decide to keep this little sabotage a secret.

The next day, the move forward driving further north to come to a block in which there is a camp filled with walkers. Abraham, being the irrational individual that he is wants to move forward. But everyone is not willing to place themselves in a suicide mission and that’s when Eugene reveals to the group who he actually is. Eugene is no scientist and does not have a mission to save the world, has no cure, and people have died to protect him. Everyone stands there in complete and utter shock, with the inability to fathom what just happened. Abraham is so overcome with anger, that he starts beating the shit out of Eugene before he is forcibly let go. Abrahams world goes black as his whole existence up until he met Eugene was nothing. He thought that he had some point to live, helping Eugene save the world, but that apparently was not the case (but I also believe that Abraham thought they would be able to save him and thus the rush to Washington).

The camera pans out and we are exposed to Daryl and Carol as they go in search for Beth.

15 The Walking Dead Memes – From Season 4

As the new season of the walking dead slowly creeps closer and closer, the anticipation is salivating. That’s why it is rated the number 1 television show in America. From this show, some funny things have resulted. Memes about the entire cast and crew have crawled through the internet, lighting up peoples Amygdala.

Season 4 has especially brought us some memorable images that some people have cut, cropped, and glued back together, to bring out the hilarity of the show. Below comes from different parts of the web that I was able to utilize.

That being said, the Governor was pretty cocky and high on himself.

With him showing of his…

5eAtEdLbasketball skills. And when he made it pretty clear that he was the one to beat when he stated,

th walking dead season 4 memes, the governor, daryl, and rick

The governor, as I last recall, had a bad day! And so did Herschel. But on the upside Herschel did get reunited… (And it feels so good).

herschel With his leg of course. But let’s be honest, we know why he had to be let go…


And used his abilities to try to save Sasha.


But we all know Herschel had it good unlike Tyrese and Carol when,


tyrese and carol

When Carol had to shoot Lizzie after she killed her sister, it still made…

lizzie and carolI think Rick is starting to warm up to Carol… Maybe..


Meanwhile, Daryl and Beth are kicking back drinking Moonshine and shootin stuff laid back. It seems the both of them are getting a little too intoxicated where Bill would have none of that…

billBeth was going to get the Daryl… but what she didn’t know…


But then Carl had to interject before the situation got a little too hot when…

carl grimes

(That’s a pretty good one)..  But this doesn’t stop Glenn and Maggie from booing out with love notes on the road.

glenn rhee and maggie

But we all are afraid for the foreshadowing we have come to watch. Like Daryl and Carl, we all have wondered  what Beth taste’s like. Even if it comes in a…


But it all falls back to the original crime series…


Stay classy and when in doubt, just “CLAIM!”


Gale Ann Hurd – Shares Some Key Information For Season 5

Over the past year, many of us have been waiting to see specific things. We keep holding on to this notion that certain aspects of the show will materialize. Even I as the writer of this fantastic  website, I believe in many aspects of the show coming true. But sometimes it’s just not as simple as making things happen the way the audience would intend them to.

Zap2it got to interview Gale Ann Hurd during their month free from shooting. They appeared at this years Comic con and has had the luxury of giving a little teasing during the interview. There are many aspects of the show that we don’t know about or don’t talk much about. Gale opens up about certain key important topics that have been circulating the ethers while talking about how the show will push forward, even though the onlookers might not be too happy.

In this interview, she talks about how the walking dead is supposed to progress and the intense meaning behind “terminus” or “terminate” or even “termites.” It’s not really a stretch of the imagination that this is the name of this location. They have become so significant that they have their own nickname, she states.

Furthermore, Gale states that the group will remove themselves from the woods. Which isn’t that shocking. Look at what the end of the last season showed us. But their urban setting is going to change. This urban change is coming to Washington D.C. Being in another urban setting like this is extremely difficult with all the variables. The only good thing that comes out of this is the mass killings. I believe this will turn into a zombieland where survivors are trying to create the best kind of kill there is.

There will never be really any happiness for Daryl, she replies. She goes into a monologue of how many people have been expecting Daryl to be in love with Beth or get together with Carol, but the matter of fact is that for now Daryl will never truly be happy. Furthermore, there is a scare that Carol might go down this season, but Gale explicitly states that just because he presence was limited if any in the trailer release, doesn’t mean she won’t be in the show.

Lastly, the show isn’t the walking dead season 5 until some important emotional deaths arise. This is the nature of the show she states. So we should expect the unexpected.

Daryl’s Last Breath? The Walking Dead Postulates

The past couple of weeks there have been rumors floating around the interwebs. There have been little tweets and whispers about where Daryl fits within the grand scheme of the walking dead. Daryl, played by Norman Reedus, was never a main character. In fact, Daryl should have been killed off a long time ago, but was saved by the executives. The mere fact that Norman Reedus was playing the character was a problem in itself. The reason for this is it’s hard to place such an iconic actor in a short term role and not keep him around.

Reedus plays his role to perfection and it’s exciting to watch him develop into the role and watch his character develop. But the reality is they are in a post-apocalyptic era, with too many unknowns to worry about. I think it’s unfair to single out Daryl. I love Daryl as much as the next teenage girl (I’m a 26 year old guy… so not really), but it’s unfair to make one character immune to death. The arena has been set and it’s only a matter of time before all of them will fall in some way, shape, or form.

Now what they could do is make the untold story of Daryl Dixon as another show off the walking dead to show how Daryl grew up to the person he has become. I just feel like it’s unfair to make one character immortal in the realm we have placed them. This is not to offend Mr. Reedus, but looking at the situation and Daryl’s very dynamic behavior, there are too many areas to which he has become vulnerable. Kirkman loves Reedus and his character. We will see Daryl’s continual role within the show and I don’t think we have much to worry about as far as Daryl leaving this earth.

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Season 4 Episode 12 Review on AMC – Realization For Daryl and Beth

So as you guys now obviously know about the second half of AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 4, episode after episode goes through different individuals pasts. What led them to become the individuals they are today. Why they react to certain anxiety and stress filled situations. Obtaining information about people’s past will allow people to understand how they will react in the future. Greg Nicotero and the writers and cast explore this very nature. Getting into the biological, neurobiological, and behavioral data within the each character.

As I write this, I myself will be trying to answer this very question for my these coming up. What we have always known is that stress always elicits a certain behavioral response. That relationship is always there. The question is, how does resilience mediate this interaction. Humans have certain levels of resilience. Whether we obtain this resilience genetically or through growth is also in question.

The great thing about these past episodes is that we start to understand resilience (the ability to bounce back from something traumatic or highly stressful), whether we have become numb to it from experience and learned to “cope” or it scars us for the rest of our lives. These episodes burrow into different human behavioral traits and coping mechanisms helping us understand how certain personality traits are more resilient than others.

This last episode with Daryl and Beth further amplifies personality traits and the ability to bounce back. But some people don’t know that humans by nature are social animals. We can’t be alone for too long before our minds start to wander and we become lost in our heads. There is a distinct reason the writers leave each person with another. Why we see Michonne alone once again and her ability to almost lose herself again.

There are a few certainties in life. One of which is that we never do things individually. Meaning, we never do things alone. Whether you are running in the desert on a 50 mile ultra marathon or get the Nobel prize in physics when secluded in your lab. The bricks and mortar have been laid down. It’s because other people have helped you along the way that the culmination of brain power and brawn led you to the successes you achieved. You took the culmination of everything you learned and achieved something others haven’t. But that can only happen as a group and that is what we see in these episodes. The ability to survive because you known someone has your back. If you don’t, then it’s just time before you die.

We jump briefly into the world of Beth and Daryl, what makes them who they are. They are somewhat opposites, or are they. They both had abusive parents. And Daryl kind of feels like Beths father. This anger he has inside stems from his inability to protect others, his brother. The alcohol is a symbol clarity and resolve. Although one has never drank and the other abused it, they meet in the middle, on common ground. All the built up anger and rage and depression has been pulled out. They have saved each other from death. Not from the walkers, rather from themselves.

I don’t believe we will see this relationship as the talking dead has kind of infiltrated a little. I see this more as Daryl stepping in as a father. And this time he has something to live for, to protect, just like Rick.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7 Review – Brian

The new episode of the walking dead opens up back with the Governor or now we know as “Brian.” A shift of power has fallen upon the governor and the men he used to run. A very key passage occurs within the story as the girl is trying to figure out why Brian is and why he won’t allow her to win. This seems to unravel the story of the Governor and help us understand a little more about why he became who he is.
The group goes on an excursion to possibly get some answers about survival or some hardware when they come up to individuals with there heads removed and labels. Before the commercial, we see that the family in the photo are those that the Governor had just killed. An indication of the situation he was in. For Brian, things come full circle and come to bite him. Once again, Brian must come to the rescue and be the leader he is because those around him think they have those qualities when they don’t.
When you think the episodes can’t get any more boring, especially with what we think is the change of the Governor, the Governor relapses. He is heart set on replacing his old family with that of this new one. Almost a second chance to right the wrongs. For this, he kills his old buddy because he can’t live with the fact that he might not do his job. That he doesn’t live in the same world as the Governor, that he can protect them from anything.

The group is starting to fall apart and dissension is lurking within. The governor knows this all too well and understands that if they stay, people will die. We come to see that as Brian tells the girls that they must leave, he says “I can’t lose you guys again.” She picks this up understanding the way he must of lost his other family. As they drive away at night, they come upon walkers stuck in the mud. Why?
The Governor is back. Subtle words can trigger a person to relapse back into original behavior. Death falls back onto the group as the weak get prayed upon. Everything comes together at the end of the episode. Another fight is upon the Rick clan. Get excited

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 5 – Will Rick Reveal to Daryl

A lot has occurred in this episode of the walking dead. We see that Rick makes it back without Carol and that the prison has been broken into. It’s funny that the episode ends with the Governor looking at the fence.

So we see this virus spread within the prison once again leaving a lot of people very vulnerable. Maggie is thrashing to get in and Rick is back trying to keep the prison from crashing in on itself. At the very end we see the other group come back to help the situation only to find that everything to be honest has been taken care of.

So a lot has come down tonight as I have said and not totally wrong, Rick has kept himself from telling Daryl just exactly what is going wrong. We understand that Daryl’s friendship is strong in Rick and he is scared of losing it.

What is this episode supposed to mean exactly? For the first time we see that Carl has really transformed, but is an extension of what he did in the episode before this. We come to understand that Rick is shocked by how Carl has grown, yet we understand that they work so well together.

What questions should you be asking yourself at this point in the show?

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 1 – Rick’s Re-birth


The most important of the opening scene of AMC the walking dead was Rick’s renewal into the realm of the living. The splash of water over his face is a rebirth from his old self. The very few first moments of the show are instrumental in the new thinking of Rick and where the character is headed.

We have now found several new love interests, most of which were of a shock because there was really no hint of it. There behavior seems to be predictable, to like someone, but not get too close to them as they know what that can mean. They know that all that they want could be lost very quickly.

Rick has become a decent father and has transformed him and his son. He makes sure his son stays a son and does everything a kid should do, rather acting as an adult, that of which he is not.

We see Carol and Daryl in the very beginning of the episode together talking to one another. You might take that as nothing, but for the rest of us, this is a very calculated frame. We are being introduced into a very important and soon to be relationship that will save the both of them and make them much more important.

We see Rick come into contact with a very mysterious woman. It’s very hard to pick up on her intentions. There is a grey area around her and Rick need to take her as an enemy. We pick up on a cue of hers where she opens up to Rick about the things her friend “Eddy” has helped her with. This has made her become very sketchy at best. Rick needs to keep his distance and those 6 bullets he was speaking of earlier was a foreshadowing of what is to come.

Later in the episode, Carl comes into contact with children around his age. We see this distance he has among him and his counterparts. He is still uneasy about allowing himself to be a kid and we see this hesitance when he is talking with them and the new male friend he has started to get to know.

Just before the 2nd break of the show, we are introduced to a another new character (african american), whom is a big name actor. From what I have picked up, he has a very important role in his ability to pick up on important queues surrounding him and the entire group. We understand that prior to this apocalypse he was an alcoholic and we see this fight between him and himself with a bottle of wine, which he ultimately wins.

On patrol, Glenn runs into baby gear, we see him look at this with intent, which leads us to believe that they have been trying or this is the next step in there relationship. Or they have been talking about this and there has been some hesitance.

As the show moves on, we come into the issue brought up. The woman with “no” name is up to no good, “started making trouble in his neighborhood.” As a result, she killed herself. Everything about the show is foreshadowed at the beginning of the show.

We end the show with a very important aspect of the show. One of the very useless characters starts to turn and they pan out of the water. Why is there so much influence at the water?

Questions we should be asking:

1. Although we know the ceiling was decrepit and there were leaks. Why now does the ceiling fail? The walkers weren’t really concentrated? I think it was a bad ass attempt by the writers to make a cool scene!

2. What is to come of this new black character (Bob) that knows so much, but has so many weaknesses?

3. What is Glenn foreshadowing? Is it what we all think?

4. Why are the eyes ripped out of one of the walkers? That was important!

5. What was importance with that pig? Was she pregnant? A source of more food? Was there something different about the disease? Adaptation?

6. Why pan at the water after the kid drops? Something wrong with the water that turned the kid? Does this link back to the pig?

7. Has the water finally been contaminated…. (which it should have been a long time ago).

8. Has Beth really created this strong outer shell or is she still fragile? Why does she hold so tightly onto Daryl?