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Stay Tuned for Breaking Bad Prequel, “Better Call Saul” after The Walking Dead

Fans of the walking dead, this week points towards the return of the televised hit series, the walking dead. We return to a more broken world than we left it. For those reading this blog that haven’t seen the past few episodes as of yet, things occur and you might want to stop reading.

As we know, Beth was killed in the last episode of the midseason finale. Twitter and Facebook went on an explosive uproar. People completely broke and watching “the talking dead” with Chris Hardwick afterwards was even tougher. Emily Kinney made an obvious appearance for the last time. She was unable to keep from streams of tearing poring down her face. Never had she had such a close cast in her life. It was something that for all of us was hard to watch. In the world of the walking dead, this is what occurs. You can’t save everyone.

This Sunday the walking dead season 5 returns with an all new 8 episodes. On a side note, following the show on AMC instead of “the talking dead” with Chris Hardwick, will be the premiere for the prequel of ‘Breaking Bad,’ “Better Call Saul.” Starring Bob Odenkirk, Saul Goodman is the famous Trial Lawyer that has used unconventional ways to keep Walter White out of prison. This television series explores Saul Goodman before Breaking Bad, before his methods. Behind closed doors, he is a completely different person.

Some of the premiere episodes have already been watched and are getting unbelievable reviews.  Many are saying the writing is better than Breaking Bad. So if you are a fan of Breaking Bad, this is something you should hang on to watch.

The Walking Dead Spin-Off Show Greenlight Possibly

The world of the zombie apocalypse is just starting for AMC. Recently, the general manager of AMC came out stating the television show was a no brainer. Seeing shows such as Mad Men and Breaking Bad are finishing up for good, AMC must come up with another production that will rock the television world. AMC releases statements and gave the thumbs up for a new spin-off of the walking dead that still has yet to be named. The show is set to premiere in 2015.

It’s important to state that the writers of the walking dead, producers, and directors will oversee this new child. Robert Kirkman recently stated that although the walking dead is his baby and has been for 10 years, it will great to finally have something new on his plate. The range of the zombie apocalypse and all that it encompasses is vast. Robert Kirkman aims to shed light on several topics that just wasn’t able to be done during the walking dead.