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Next Games Creates IPhone and IPad Game Called The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

AMC and Next Games have announced that the trailer for the new walking dead video game would be released during Comic con this year. The game will be called, “The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land,” which will be released for the functionality of Smart Phone’s and IPad’s. The trailer will be shown at the booth of the walking dead #4237 in San Diego on July 24-27.

Players will be able to play the iconic television show game through the use of their smartphones or tablets. Specific episodes and theme songs have been targeted to give you the feeling that your in the real thing. Key features of this game will be apparent like so many in the others. You will have to make special decision: bad and good. It’s a game of strategy and risk taking; making sure people are safe; and most importantly, tactics for fighting hoards of walkers.

The purpose of the game is to give viewers control of the outcomes. It’s a step closer to making the experience as strong as possible without effecting the quality of the game. Next Games has been given high prays and high ratings for their games and it’s no reason why AMC has teamed up with their gaming company to put this into the hands of every walking dead fan.

The plan for the game was to create a world that was closely related to what AMC and Robert Kirkman had worked on said the CEO of Next Games, Teemu Huuhtanen.

The Walking Dead Season 5 follows one very important mission. Robert Kirkman knows very well that pandemics are a reality. Look at NIH and the fact that vials of small pox were found unmarked. The show amplifies the human condition. Specifically, the human condition under threat of extinction. How will human being react to a world disaster both individually and as a group? How will it affect them psychologically as a group and internally? Is human compassion still alive during the apocalypse?


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