The cast of the walking dead has been growing over the past 5 seasons. Robert Kirkman created comics from which these characters sprung. Viewership has grown attached to a band of people that have clutched to one another for survival. Psychological and physical tolls that bring individuals storming to their knees. They have become our family and we watch in anticipation for what is to come next. The walking dead cast marches through a post-apocalyptic battlefield, fighting those that have fallen to disease and plagues that have rendered them brain dead with cannibalistic taste on their mind. They have paid witness to atrocities from which they can never hide and must try to cope before they fall to the hordes of the walking dead.
Below is a little bio of each character and their role on the show!

The Walking Dead Season 3Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes is husband to Lori and father to Carl Grimes. He is the leader of the group and makes the decisions. He awakes from a coma to find that he has been abandoned in a decrepit hospital left to die.




The Walking Dead Season 3Lori Grimes

The wife of Rick and mother of Carl Grimes. Along with Rick, Lori plays a dominant persuasive role. She sleeps with Rick’s best friend Shane after she finds out that Rick is “Dead.” Rick and Lori are having marital problems along with Lori’s inability to look after Carl.




Shane Walsh

Best friend of Rick Grimes. He helps Rick’s wife and son get out of the city from the Walkers. He also has feelings for Lori and starts to develop neurological emotional episodes.






Originally an attorney, survives the zombie Apocalypse with her sister Amy. Her sister dies off and Andrea turns into a cold blooded, emotionless, warrioress character.





Dale Horvath

Dale is “sanity.” He is the reminder that not all is lost. He looks for the best in the worst situations and is often scolded for it. He often seems to be a wuss of the group.






Pizza boy in the city of Atlanta and knows every streets nook and cranny. He is the boyfriend to Hershel’s daughter, Maggie. He is a pretty big wimp, but is showing hero qualities.





Carl Grimes

He is the son of Rick and Lori Grimes. He is of pubescent age where hormones are just coming into play. He is unable to stay in the house which leads him into trouble, such as getting a man killed and seeing things he shouldn’t.




Daryl Dixon

He is a white trashed southern man. He has grown up to be a survivalist. He is the younger brother of Merle Dixon, whom will make his return to the show in The Walking Dead Season 3. He is the groups loner and hunter.





Best friends to Dale. He has been a very useless character, not sharing much of what he thinks. He shows no leadership qualities and seems to be just a fill in. Season 3 should change all that.





Carol Peletier

Mother of sophia and is the only one who has lost everything she loves. She has fallen for Daryl and it seems Daryl feels the same way. She is the character that maintains life even though everything to her has been lost.




Sophia Peletier

Daughter to Carol Peletier. She is best friends to Carl, possibly Carl’s first real crush. She runs out into the woods and ends up getting lost. Pretty much a season is devoted to locate her.






Michonne is a new character in the walking dead season 3. She is a very distinct character, whom has two Walker pets and carries an awesome Katana.







Merle Dixon

Brother to Daryl Dixon. Merle is a neo-nazi supremacist and is military trained. Like his brother, Merle is white trash and survivalist.






Hershel Greene

Hershel is a veterinarian who owns a plantation. He is deeply religious and doesn’t believe in guns. He is the father of Glenn’s love interest Maggie Greene. He’s a man that holds onto hope for a cure.





Maggie Greene

Daughter to Hershel Greene and girlfriend to Glenn. She has had bad things happen to her. She coddles Hershel and Glenn as hard as she can because she is afraid of losing them.




The Govenor

Brother of Philip Blake. He takes over as “The Govenor” after he brother dies. He originally takes shelter with friends and family at Wiltshire Estate (snobby resort). He stumbles upon Rick and the group at Woodbury.




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