The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 2 and 3 Review: Part 2

This review continues with part 2 of the walking dead season 5 episode 2 and 3. Bob laughs hysterically as Gareth thinks he is slowly losing his mind….

As Bobs hysteria turns to laughter and amassed by what Gareth and the group believe is hysteria, Bob reveals to them that he has become ‘tainted’ meat. He was bitten back when Rick and the group was gathering food at the food drive storage complex where the priest led them to. The faces of the members go from confidence and arrogance to complete shock and disbelief… with a dash of hysteria.

Instead of killing Bob, they plan to use him. Sasha has grown to dislike the priest with extreme hate. She doesn’t trust him and thinks he is the one that is getting them into these situations. Rick, along with others (due to the writing they found at the side of the church) agrees. Gabriel (the priest) must explain himself before Rick cuts his throat. Gabriel reveals a recent dark past where out of fright for his own life, he locked the doors of the church as he heard the shrieks of innocent people getting eaten by walkers. Gabriel breaks down to the point where breathing and standing become extraordinarily hard. And in that time, everyone looks at him with a new light. He had to make a difficult decision for which he would be punished for and thus was he helps Rick and the group. Sasha is taken back.

With this little tidbit revealed, Rick must plan on attacking Gareth. He can’t do what was done to him back at the prison. He creates a bold plan that might end up working. Meanwhile, Abraham doesn’t feel like this is something he should risk and wants to leave with the ‘scientist’. Heads butt between Abraham and Rick as they fight for what is best for the team. Glenn finds his way getting between the both of them, making a very bold statement that if Abraham stays to fight and wait for Carol/Daryl, the group will help Abraham and the scientist get to NIH.

Now, outside the church, they recover Bob, obviously he didn’t get there by himself. Gareth seems to believe they have the upper hand by playing a little game with the group. As everyone hides in their respect areas after retrieving Bob, Gareth yells at the church… to which there is no response. Stating, “I know you all are in there,” it doesn’t stop Gareth from walking into the church when he could have easily burned it to the ground. What Gareth and his brigade would lead themselves into is an onslaught which would turn into no mercy and no bullets required. Gareth pleads for his life just like Bob did in the first episode. Being the sociopath that he is, he of course doesn’t mean it and Rick knows that. With that, Gareth dies through the art of bludgeoning by Ricks hands. The rest of the group dies as well ending episode 3.

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 2 and 3 Review: Part 1

For those of you who haven’t gotten around to catching up on the magnificent show that is the walking dead, this post plans to briefly review episodes 2 and 3 of season 5.

Much has occurred since the first episode. We leave Rick and the group in the woods when they fall upon a pastor who is fighting off hungry walkers. Standing on a boulder, Rick and the group free him from his captivity, to which, Rick asks him if he has anything of significance (gun or sharp object on him) on him. Stunned that they would think a pastor would carry such a vial object, he would succumb to answering, No. Rick goes over the ground rules and the questions that he must ask. They obviously looking for shelter, the priest takes them to his church, “a roof and four walls.” It is here that the priest explains that he has been by himself living on food that was harvested for a food drive but went south during the apocalypse. Everyone seems to be on edge, including Abraham. But no one is going to leave Rick.

The food has run dry and some of the group must go on a scavenging errand to this place the priest knows. Hesitant to leave the safety of the church, Rick forces the priest that he must go and that he wasn’t asking. Rick, Bob, the priest and others make it to this foraging ground where they gather the food they need when they are attacked by walkers. Bob is attacked and taken under the water leaving us to wonder what has just occurred. Seconds later, he resumes on his feet and they wrestle the walker to his demise. Just as things seem to calm down, a walker is chasing the priest and the best thing he can do is to spread his body like he is the reincarnation of Christ. He is saved and once again, the group return to the church. As they return, Carl is found staring at the side of the church noticing something. He calls his father, Rick over to observe. Writing on the wall indicates that the priest has a sinister past.

That night, everyone eats and enjoys their food while Daryl is out with Carol looking for Beth. In the dark of the woods, inebriated, Bob is relieving himself when out of nowhere is knocked out. The haze falls from Bobs eyes to reveal the one man he really didn’t want to see again. Gareth stands before him mocking Bobs mercy at Terminus. Like all evil characters do, Gareth talks for an extended period as he munches on food. He explains to Bob that although what had happened to him at Terminus was unfortunate, he wasn’t particularly mad at Bob, rather is doing what he has to do to survive. This is when Gareth reveals to Bob that he is savoring the morsel of Bobs flesh. The camera pans out to reveal Bob legless. The thoughts of this makes everyone cringe. 

Bob screams in agony and mental anguish, but there is a splash of laughter making Gareth and the others skeptical. They think that he is becoming hysterical…

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The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 4 Video Sneak Peek

The Walking Dead Season 5 returns with an all new episode 4 next week on AMC. Beth awakens in the same hospital as Rick, looking out over Atlanta’s decrepit infrastructure, she doesn’t know what to think. She is unhinged and scared. She walks over to the door, shouting to be answered when suddenly the door opens and an officer and doctor enter… Something seems sinister. Why would she be stalked? Why would someone only grab her? Maybe this episode answers this. Below is the sneak peek of the episode.


The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 2 Viewership Projections

Episode 2 of AMC ‘S the walking dead season 5 had an astonishing 18 million viewers tuning in. People were amazed with the amount of action that occurred in such a short duration. We find out that Carol, whom we all know would be the badass that she is, would come to everyone’s aide. We got a look into Terminus and the new threat that Rick and the group will have to deal with. Now that we are all left in the forest with the group once united, do we: 1) Move on and try to locate Beth?; 2) Go back to Terminus like Rick said and terminate the threat?; or make the most important sacrifice and take the scientist to the National Institutes of Health (because the CDC got blown up)?

Viewers are reeling to find out what is coming next for the group and the individual metamorphoses of each character. Projections for the next episode are only going to go up with many broadcasters seeing projections upwards of 20 million to 21 million viewers. The walking dead has become a cultural phenomenon that looks deep into the human psyche during a time of utter chaos and destruction; looking for the solace in a time of retribution; looking for the human connection or morality in people when they think it is all lost.

Although the new and exciting killing of walkers are always great, the main objective to the story is to see how individual start to treat one another in times of distress and grey. Tune in for the next episode of the walking dead at 9 pm EST on AMC and stay tuned for the talking dead with Chris Hardwick!

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 1 Review

We open the new season of the walking dead season 5 episode 1 review with Rick and the group within the railway cart. Looking unbelievably pissed, no fucks will be given. They get ready as footsteps get closer to their car only to be surprised with a flash bang grenade. They are led into a preparation/killing room where they are exposed to the horrors within Terminus. The cannibals slowly cutting away at the lifeless corpse in front of them. Lying on the necropsy table, the cutting tools laced with tissue and blood.

Two men line behind the men. Force them to their knees and slowly one by one knock them out with a bat and slit their throat. Each one kneel in front of a trough, for the blood to splatter and collect. Rick, not fazed in the least, watch one by one die. Glenn, close to shitting his pants, is saved by the man that will eventually stalk them. He asks to know the location of the big bag Rick had. He replies with the utensils he says he will use to kill them. Before Glenn can be slaughtered, shots are fired.

Carol and Tyrese are walking the train tracks in the middle of the woods. Carol trying to be the strong one. Carol runs into a stream of walkers, but is led to a house. Carol tells Tyrese to stay with the child in the house. They have tied up a man who sees right through Tyrese. Carol on the other hand goes back to the walker she last killed to blend in (by smothering herself with the blood and guts of the walker). She comes up to a building with a mass of walkers congregated. She uses the propane tank as a means of target. Shooting a bullet through the tank draws the walkers closer before she sets off a little explosive rocket that incinerates them.

The explosion used to incinerate the walkers is the same place in which houses the group, “Terminus.” Carol walks among the walkers through the field and into the base. She goes ‘Rambo’ on Terminus, one by one. Meanwhile, back in the preparation room, while the two men that were doing the killing are not paying attention, Rick has a wooden stake which he uses to cut off his binds and kill the two men. People are dying left and right within the chambers and confines of Terminus. The walkers are getting their fill as one by one, people are being consumed. In the midst of chaos, Glenn sees a container. The container he believes hold the rest of the group. As the make an onslaught of the walkers surrounding the container, Glenn and Rick ravage the walkers to find out those contained within the enclosure are not what he thinks.Within the container, Maggie keeps others informed. Carl calming the masses, telling them of his fathers return. Patiently honing their tools for what lie ahead. Carol finds the room that contains her groups weapons. She is shortly overcome by emotion. She knows she must hurry as the fight is underway within Terminus. Members of the other band and group walk down the street claiming walker lives. Rick comes out from behind a car to attack the remaining shooter and mows down the 8 other individuals in that group.

Meanwhile, Carol is walking through a gymnasium overrun by candles. A women comes out with a gun where an epic battle of the battle bitches begin. Carol wins the fight but the other women slowly speaks of the rape and pillaging that occurred to her in the past. Carol is required to shoot her straight in the leg. Lying on the ground, in the righteous ways she is, allows the women become lunch bait for the walkers.

Back in the house where Tyrese is with the baby and the unknown individual, walkers descend upon them. Without being prepared, the unknown man jumps towards the child making Tyrese vulnerable to what this unknown man wants. Tyrese is forced to fight outside leaving the infant with the unknown man. Silence falls upon the house, leaving the unknown man alert. Tyrese comes through the door dropping the man. On top of the man, Tyrese smashes the man punch by punch.

In the midst of the chaos that continues, Rick frees the others. They fight in the center of Terminus as walker by walker is slaughtered. They escape through a wrecked fence where they run for safety in the woods. They locate their weapons and Rick explains that everyone must die. Everyone is hesitant, but he isn’t asking. At the corner of his eye, a face appears, Carol stands before them. Daryl runs to her and gives her a massive hug. Emotions run much higher between both of them. Rick slowly scampers to her, asking if it was her that started everything. They hug in a very emotional embrace. Without a second of waste, she tells them to follow. There standing outside the hut is Tyrese and Beth. Rick emotional breaks and runs to hold his child.

Symbolically, as the group leaves the area, Rick goes up to the sign that states “Sanctuary” and rewrites, “No Sanctuary.” It pans back to Terminus as the group that once was running the sick show, now has become the prisoners vowing to take vengeance.

First 4 Minutes of The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 1: Never Guess What Happens

Tonight is the premiere of the walking dead season 5 on AMC. Everyone is on the edge of there seats awaiting to see what actually happens. Rick Grimes and the group have been rotting away at Terminus, but there is one thing for sure… Rick isn’t taking shit anymore. This life isn’t a game and the tough decisions just have to be made. Here is a 4 minute clip of the first episode of the walking dead season 5.


Memes to “Pump…. YOU UP” for Season 5 of The Walking Dead on AMC

The Walking Dead Season 5 on AMC reaches blood curdling levels as viewers ravage their cubicles at work trying to make it through the work week for the epic series drama starting at 9 pm EST this Sunday. So here are some memes to get you by. We expect the horses to jump right out of the gate like we all have been promised in the first episode. With that being said, I give to you some epic memes:


the walking dead memes

the walking dead memes

the walking dead memes

the walking dead memes



Cast and Crew: Evolution of Men – The Walking Dead Season 5

Season 5 of the walking dead premieres October 12, 2014 at 0900 on AMC followed by the talking dead with Chris Hardwick at 1000. What are we expected to know about the characters going into the first episode. The cast and crew sit down prior to the start of the season to explain the new world the group find themselves in. As our readers have come to find out, the obstacle is not so much the walkers (which are a nuisance), rather the other lost people that Rick and the group run into.
Things to really pay attention to should really be the psychology and behavior of Rick and the others. Rick is left with no doubt and the clips we have come to watch show a very resilient and confident Rick who has no reserve about making the tough answers. We come to see how the other people they come to interact with shape and model who they become. Furthermore, for quite sometime now, we have seen this ray of morality, this glimpse of civilization. Now, the dynamic has shifted. What the group has been trying to hold onto for such a long time, is starting to disintegrate. The world they yearn for is a facade as of now. There are too many variables that keep them from trying to rebuild sanity.
Their performance, anxiety, and normality has shifted. The expectations and hopeful realities are merely dreams which have almost led them to death. The realization of who they want to be verses who they HAVE to be is finally taking over. In order to survive to create that utopic future lifestyle, sacrifices must be made and tough calls must be answered.
Below the cast and crew delve deeper.