The Walking Dead Posters – Season 5

Entertainment Weekly recently released great walking dead season 5 posters. The pictures emphasize the importance of survival of each one of the characters. There are four total pictures that include Daryl, Maggie and Glenn (because we really know who has the balls of that relationship), Rick, and most importantly Michonne.

Hopefully, you like the wallpaper and show your love to Entertainment Weekly! Below are the other pictures and posters. Remember, the walking dead starts mid to late October with a very intense season 5 showing the group captured within a trail car. Beth has been intentionally taken (meaning someone was scouting her) and we look forward to seeing possibly a new character, and lastly Tyrese and Carol who are still wondering the forests.

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Games Finale – Clementine’s “No Going Back”

Season 2 of the walking dead video games finally comes to an end, but not without an awesome 5 minute trailer. It seems that telltale is never really going to leave Season 2 behind, but the good thing is that they have signed for a season 3 already. Overkill has won the coveted title for this 3rd season. Like stated in an earlier article, the “No Going Back” episode exposes the main character, “Clementine” with more responsibility. The question is, will she be able to handle it?

The atmosphere of this game places not only the player, but the onlookers in suspense. With winter setting in, Clementine’s time for looking for food and shelter diminishes. With this increased anxiety trying to sustain not just her but her child, your actions will decide her fate. The real question is, how will you handle the pressure of saving two innocent characters in the harshness of the walking dead.


The Walking Dead Season 5 – New Revelations About Daryl and Beth

In recent news, it seems that the crossbow yielding, post-apocalyptic badass, Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus, could have the possibility of being gay. In a recent head on statement with Robert Kirkman, the idea has most definitely been floating around. He also said that AMC would be backing this idea if Kirkman wants to continue forward with it. He also stated adamantly that the possibility of Daryl being gay is only an idea and nothing has materialized from this. So ladies, don’t freak out too soon. But these are the type of shockers that we love about this show.


In other recent news, Beth has been taken and she is one of those characters that we must watch out for. In one of the last episodes of season 4, we are left wondering who took Beth. What we have taken away from the whole Beth and Daryl situation is that Daryl was confused as to the role he played in Beth’s life. I believe where season 5 premieres, we will come to understand that reason. To us, it seems that Daryl plays more of a protective or father figure than a lover.

Furthermore, the individual who picked Beth up must of been stalking her for some time. It’s not like they stumbled upon one another and in a fit of panic, this individual took Beth. This was a planned kidnap or obduction. More importantly, why would this person have a fascination for Beth? We are about to be introduced to an entire new character with some creepy past.

15 The Walking Dead Memes – From Season 4

As the new season of the walking dead slowly creeps closer and closer, the anticipation is salivating. That’s why it is rated the number 1 television show in America. From this show, some funny things have resulted. Memes about the entire cast and crew have crawled through the internet, lighting up peoples Amygdala.

Season 4 has especially brought us some memorable images that some people have cut, cropped, and glued back together, to bring out the hilarity of the show. Below comes from different parts of the web that I was able to utilize.

That being said, the Governor was pretty cocky and high on himself.

With him showing of his…

5eAtEdLbasketball skills. And when he made it pretty clear that he was the one to beat when he stated,

th walking dead season 4 memes, the governor, daryl, and rick

The governor, as I last recall, had a bad day! And so did Herschel. But on the upside Herschel did get reunited… (And it feels so good).

herschel With his leg of course. But let’s be honest, we know why he had to be let go…


And used his abilities to try to save Sasha.


But we all know Herschel had it good unlike Tyrese and Carol when,


tyrese and carol

When Carol had to shoot Lizzie after she killed her sister, it still made…

lizzie and carolI think Rick is starting to warm up to Carol… Maybe..


Meanwhile, Daryl and Beth are kicking back drinking Moonshine and shootin stuff laid back. It seems the both of them are getting a little too intoxicated where Bill would have none of that…

billBeth was going to get the Daryl… but what she didn’t know…


But then Carl had to interject before the situation got a little too hot when…

carl grimes

(That’s a pretty good one)..  But this doesn’t stop Glenn and Maggie from booing out with love notes on the road.

glenn rhee and maggie

But we all are afraid for the foreshadowing we have come to watch. Like Daryl and Carl, we all have wondered  what Beth taste’s like. Even if it comes in a…


But it all falls back to the original crime series…


Stay classy and when in doubt, just “CLAIM!”


AMC The Walking Dead Kirkman – The Cast Death Timetable

AMC The Walking Dead’s, Robert Kirkman stopped by Sirius on his way out of Comic Con in Las Angeles to talk about certain aspects of the show. One of the interviewers had a very good question that most people are thinking about all the time during the television show. It must suck to kill off characters. How does it make you feel?

Robert Kirkman explains to the radio show hosts that it’s much tougher than just killing someone off. Due to the fact that Kirkman is the writer of the comic book, he knows relatively when each character is going to get killed off. He often has a timetable of characters and when they are going to die.

He states that when he was writing the comic, “it was just words on paper.” The words didn’t have any significance or impact on him because it was all in his mind. Now that he is working with actual actors, he has developed relationships and they often hang out. The words have become more of a substance and knowing the time of death is extremely nerve wrecking.

Furthermore, Kirkman cannot tell the cast early because they are always changing the script. Sometimes individuals time cards run out and they are going to die, but at last minute something is changed and that person is saved from the cutting block. To add to the stress, we cannot tell the cast very early solely because of this.

As Kirkman likes to state, at the end of the day, “People’s gots to die.” He is asked if the time comes when the actor or actress is going to be killed off, is it hard to not give it away? Does he not give that person eye contact? Kirkman replys with, “Well, luckily that is where Scott Gimple comes in. He ends up making all those decisions. I wouldn’t handle that well.”

The problem with bringing a comic book or a piece of writing to life is that the writer knows what’s going to happen all the time and it affects his relationships with the cast and crew. It must suck having a character you absolutely love or a cast member you absolutely love and killing him off.

Gale Ann Hurd – Shares Some Key Information For Season 5

Over the past year, many of us have been waiting to see specific things. We keep holding on to this notion that certain aspects of the show will materialize. Even I as the writer of this fantastic  website, I believe in many aspects of the show coming true. But sometimes it’s just not as simple as making things happen the way the audience would intend them to.

Zap2it got to interview Gale Ann Hurd during their month free from shooting. They appeared at this years Comic con and has had the luxury of giving a little teasing during the interview. There are many aspects of the show that we don’t know about or don’t talk much about. Gale opens up about certain key important topics that have been circulating the ethers while talking about how the show will push forward, even though the onlookers might not be too happy.

In this interview, she talks about how the walking dead is supposed to progress and the intense meaning behind “terminus” or “terminate” or even “termites.” It’s not really a stretch of the imagination that this is the name of this location. They have become so significant that they have their own nickname, she states.

Furthermore, Gale states that the group will remove themselves from the woods. Which isn’t that shocking. Look at what the end of the last season showed us. But their urban setting is going to change. This urban change is coming to Washington D.C. Being in another urban setting like this is extremely difficult with all the variables. The only good thing that comes out of this is the mass killings. I believe this will turn into a zombieland where survivors are trying to create the best kind of kill there is.

There will never be really any happiness for Daryl, she replies. She goes into a monologue of how many people have been expecting Daryl to be in love with Beth or get together with Carol, but the matter of fact is that for now Daryl will never truly be happy. Furthermore, there is a scare that Carol might go down this season, but Gale explicitly states that just because he presence was limited if any in the trailer release, doesn’t mean she won’t be in the show.

Lastly, the show isn’t the walking dead season 5 until some important emotional deaths arise. This is the nature of the show she states. So we should expect the unexpected.