The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 5 – Will Rick Reveal to Daryl

A lot has occurred in this episode of the walking dead. We see that Rick makes it back without Carol and that the prison has been broken into. It’s funny that the episode ends with the Governor looking at the fence.

So we see this virus spread within the prison once again leaving a lot of people very vulnerable. Maggie is thrashing to get in and Rick is back trying to keep the prison from crashing in on itself. At the very end we see the other group come back to help the situation only to find that everything to be honest has been taken care of.

So a lot has come down tonight as I have said and not totally wrong, Rick has kept himself from telling Daryl just exactly what is going wrong. We understand that Daryl’s friendship is strong in Rick and he is scared of losing it.

What is this episode supposed to mean exactly? For the first time we see that Carl has really transformed, but is an extension of what he did in the episode before this. We come to understand that Rick is shocked by how Carl has grown, yet we understand that they work so well together.

What questions should you be asking yourself at this point in the show?

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4 – Carol’s Psyche Examined

As the new episode starts we re-examine the psyche of Carol. She has taken upon a new dimension, a new behavior, in which she is trying to protect herself from caring. In doing so, she is desensitizing the children. To not be scared, or fight the emotion is not to be human. It’s not about not being scared, but controlling fear, knowing you can do something about it.

We have seen Carol completely morph due to all the death and sorrow she has had to deal with. Finally we see what it’s like when someone with Carol’s personality and psyche is faced with an enormous amount of stress and fear.

We see two parties, the group to find penicillin and the group to find anything they can use at the prison. Rick and Carol set off into a neighborhood in search of anything that might help their plight. It turns into a rescue operation where a group locks themselves within a room. Daryl, Tyrese, Bill, and Michonne have walked through the woods to where they come upon an abandoned rest stop only to see that it either has been booby trapped or locked using car wiring. Tyrese is still struggling as he should be with what is going on, but is becoming a hazard to all as they are attacked by a group of walkers.

The show really follows these two groups in this episode and the different experiences that have lead them to who they are now. Rick and Carol, especially Rick wants to still be a protector, while Carol sees everyone as needing to be strong and help. The two new members of the group found in the house that Rick and Carol enter are eager to join and help out anyway they can, this is only determined after they answers Ricks answers correctly.

We then pan back to Michonne and Tyrese. Michonne is mad at Tyrese because he is so overtaken by anger, just like she was. This relationship will help both of them cope. Bill finally comes out to tell Daryl that he is the cause and the cause alone for the kids death in the supermarket. He is trying to pin his mistakes on himself and his drinking and Daryl calls him on it.

We delve deeper into the madness we think of Carol and Rick. What makes them wrong verse what makes them right. They hash out about who they are and what they have come to be or what has lead them down the road they are on now. We finally understand why Carol is acting the way she does, why she changes the way she does. And when both of them are just starting to cope or release the bottled anger from within, they walk upon one of them half eaten new group members they had just met. Why didn’t her gun go off? There are a lot of questions about what happened. Did her hubby have something to do with this. Rick and Carol must re-examine who they have brought into their group.

Rick and Carol are left waiting for the other member of the group to show up at the house, but we find out that he never shows. At this moment, we see that Carol has elevated herself to leader status. The episode pans back to michonne and the group as they find the necessary supplies to help all those that are sick. As they are leaving, they run into a little problem. Walkers from all corners of the veterinary hospital come crashing down on them. We see as Bill is left fighting for the ‘meds’ inside his bag that he has come to have a pulling match, that what is left inside that bag is really just a bottle of liquor. Thus guaranteeing his problems and his willingness to put peoples lives in danger and on the back end for this numbing agent.

We see Rick make his stand at the end of the episode to Carol. What she did was wrong. She took justice into her own hands and killed those that could have been saved. Rick gave her an easy way out by allowing her to live. A part of him feels guilty though.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 3 – Will Rick and Carl Ever Be The Same?

After last episode, we have come to expect that Rick and Carl are back to there old business. After removing his gun belt from the container, it was on. We open with the mystery of who actually burned those two sick individuals?

The first scene was the most emotionally intense driven scene the show has ever laid eyes upon. Some of the best acting and drama filled emotion pores out of the characters. We see the anger and trauma still within the characters; it’s still raw. And they realize it. They are so close to being lost and savage, that all it takes is a little spark of wrath.

Tyreese has seen somethings, his look and pain shows something mysterious that none of us know. What is he not telling us? We know that his almost wife, love of his life, the only thing keeping him alive is dead. But there is something that has been there, waiting in the darkness of his soul. Bob goes to rectify and help the situation only to find him broken and unable to fix.

The group with Herschel are talking, we see Glenn and hear and listen to a churning sound coming from his stomach. We can tell that he is starting to get scared as he asks Herschel who is most vulnerable.

We see that Rick and Carl are still fighting their urges not to turn into the men they once were and caution is maintained. Tyrese is mad, mad at the world and has no care about the people around him. He has fallen into the abyss of which Rick was once in. It seems that the rage will just increase which will lead to something bad. We watch as more and more group members, more importantly, young ones get sick; including Glenn. We notice that relationships are breaking in front of our eyes. Is Glenn meant to survive? He doesn’t have much time and we hope that veterinary hospital has the antibiotics he needs to survive along with the others.

Carl has turned back into the Sheriff that he wants to be, just like his father. We see what happens when it becomes hopeless, when nothing can be done physically. It’s tough to fight so hard against dying to be brought down by something you can’t see. We see how the whole group is effected and how different psyches deal with situations beyond them; how they cope.

We come upon a ripped apart tent. A walker pinned alongside a tree when something spooks them from behind. It was a test for Carl, not having the need to kill aimlessly, which he passes with flying colors. Everything, even things that seem erroneous in the grand scheme of the show, lie a test for others. We see this throughout episode 3.

No one realizes it in the camp, but Carol has had to deal with the worst. She has to see people slowly die in front of her, take care of those that can’t take care of themselves. Herschel brings a very important point up in the show, the most important point of the series. It’s something that emanates through every person, through the morality of man. This episode is the apex, the highest point in this series, helping explain when all is lost, what we decide to do. What makes us human.

Daryl and the group that go on a road trip to find antibiotics are awoken by walkers on the road. There are overrun and forced to evacuate the car leading to what we believe is the demise of Tyrese. Tyrese is stuck in a comatose state for some time until he is awakened by rage. In the end, we see him want to sacrifice himself. Was he thinking about Karen? Does he want to meet her again? Was this his way of doing so? In the end, he he comes out from the darkness.

Herschel starts giving Dr. S and Glenn the tea. Glenn is starting to believe he is worthless. Herschel is the man of reason and is taking over the role of Dale. At the end of the episode, we get a striking revelation… Carol is revealed as the killer. How was Rick able to make this summation? Look at her role, look at everything in this season that has lead up to the revelation… Not as shocking as we think!




The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2 – Tyreese the Love Bird

the walking dead season 4 episode 2

The show opens up with a scene outside the prison as a walker hovers over the fence. We pan back to the new love birds of Tyreese and the new group member. She leaves him to go to the bathroom and quickly wash her face. After being startled and looking around for any possible people, she walks back to her cell to go to sleep. The recently turned child walker moves from his slumber and makes his way over to her cell before hearing movement in another cell saving her life. Before the first break, a poor new members soul gets his neck ripped from his body.

Coming back, Rick awakens holding his child in his arms. Rick and Carl take there usual rounds to feed the livestock when shots are heard coming from inside the prison. Carl asks his father if he can have his gun back and that he is sorry, that he is trying really hard. We see Carl remove a rifle to take down a walker about to attack Michonne. Panic sets as everyone rushes to the location of the shots. Meanwhile, Michonne while coming back to the camp, gets attacked by some walkers as a few sneak past Carl. As Rick and Daryl run into D-block, they see an overrun cell full of walkers. They quickly scramble to kill the infected and turned securing the rest. As it comes to an end, they find one attacked is more gone than originally thought. There were several close calls.

Lisa and Mika, the two young girls see there father for the very last time. Mika tries to end her fathers pain for herself but is just unable to do it. The raw emotion of having to end a sibling or parent is unimaginable. Carol is forced to take over and stab him in the head. There is a meeting amongst those that might have been caught in cell block D, that might have been exposed to what they think is some sort of fast acting Flu that kills in a day. We pan back to outside as Carl shows signs of improvement, emotion after the kill of the walker. He apologizes to his father, that is short lived as Rick is forced to push Carl aware in fright of getting ill. The camera moves back to the talking of the illness and we hear a cough. The original group Tyreese, his girlfriend is sick and must be separated from the others.

Carol talks to the girls, Mika seems to be hysterical. Daryl is digging graves outside when Rick comes up to help. It seems that Daryl is in need of leadership as he understands Ricks importance. Rick is unable to go back to that lifestyle, especially after what had happened. After about 5 minutes of them talking, Maggie screams for their help as the fence is started to get overwhelmed with walkers. We pan to Michonne as she feels helpless and a burden not realizing she is apart of the group. We see Maggie again as she is fighting the walkers. She falls unexpectedly and gets up slowly, which is unlike her and she doesnt have any physical problems indicating she most likely is pregnant. As the group continues to fight off the dead at the fence, it gets overwhelming and the walkers start to bend the fence.

In order to save the fence and thus save the group, Rick comes up with a plan to take the pigs he has raised and kill them to lore the walkers away from the fence. Meanwhile, we pan back to the cell where Michonne is getting wrapped up from a hurt ankle. She is forced to take care of Rick’s daughter after she throws up on Beth. There is a very close connection between Michonne and the child. Michonne was very hesitant which leads to most viewers to believe that she lost a child. The camera pans to Carl and Carol as they talk about what he saw last night. He doesn’t want to lie to his father anymore, but Carol brings up the point that these kids must learn to be strong and survive. She doesn’t ask him to lie rather not tell Rick what is going on. We see Rick get closer and closer to falling off the deepened once again.

It seems that Rick is being placed back in a role he doesn’t want to be in. It seems that things are about to change once again between Rick and Carl. Carl seems to be doing the right thing telling his father about what Carol has been doing. At the very end, we see Rick give Carol back his gun and business go back to the original way they were. It seems that Rick is becoming the leader once again. As the episode comes to an end, we see Tyreese look for his girlfriend using a bloody trail leading outside the confines of the prison, as a result he finds that they or someone lit them on fire.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 1 – Rick’s Re-birth


The most important of the opening scene of AMC the walking dead was Rick’s renewal into the realm of the living. The splash of water over his face is a rebirth from his old self. The very few first moments of the show are instrumental in the new thinking of Rick and where the character is headed.

We have now found several new love interests, most of which were of a shock because there was really no hint of it. There behavior seems to be predictable, to like someone, but not get too close to them as they know what that can mean. They know that all that they want could be lost very quickly.

Rick has become a decent father and has transformed him and his son. He makes sure his son stays a son and does everything a kid should do, rather acting as an adult, that of which he is not.

We see Carol and Daryl in the very beginning of the episode together talking to one another. You might take that as nothing, but for the rest of us, this is a very calculated frame. We are being introduced into a very important and soon to be relationship that will save the both of them and make them much more important.

We see Rick come into contact with a very mysterious woman. It’s very hard to pick up on her intentions. There is a grey area around her and Rick need to take her as an enemy. We pick up on a cue of hers where she opens up to Rick about the things her friend “Eddy” has helped her with. This has made her become very sketchy at best. Rick needs to keep his distance and those 6 bullets he was speaking of earlier was a foreshadowing of what is to come.

Later in the episode, Carl comes into contact with children around his age. We see this distance he has among him and his counterparts. He is still uneasy about allowing himself to be a kid and we see this hesitance when he is talking with them and the new male friend he has started to get to know.

Just before the 2nd break of the show, we are introduced to a another new character (african american), whom is a big name actor. From what I have picked up, he has a very important role in his ability to pick up on important queues surrounding him and the entire group. We understand that prior to this apocalypse he was an alcoholic and we see this fight between him and himself with a bottle of wine, which he ultimately wins.

On patrol, Glenn runs into baby gear, we see him look at this with intent, which leads us to believe that they have been trying or this is the next step in there relationship. Or they have been talking about this and there has been some hesitance.

As the show moves on, we come into the issue brought up. The woman with “no” name is up to no good, “started making trouble in his neighborhood.” As a result, she killed herself. Everything about the show is foreshadowed at the beginning of the show.

We end the show with a very important aspect of the show. One of the very useless characters starts to turn and they pan out of the water. Why is there so much influence at the water?

Questions we should be asking:

1. Although we know the ceiling was decrepit and there were leaks. Why now does the ceiling fail? The walkers weren’t really concentrated? I think it was a bad ass attempt by the writers to make a cool scene!

2. What is to come of this new black character (Bob) that knows so much, but has so many weaknesses?

3. What is Glenn foreshadowing? Is it what we all think?

4. Why are the eyes ripped out of one of the walkers? That was important!

5. What was importance with that pig? Was she pregnant? A source of more food? Was there something different about the disease? Adaptation?

6. Why pan at the water after the kid drops? Something wrong with the water that turned the kid? Does this link back to the pig?

7. Has the water finally been contaminated…. (which it should have been a long time ago).

8. Has Beth really created this strong outer shell or is she still fragile? Why does she hold so tightly onto Daryl?



Season 4 Premiere for The Walking Dead

david morrissey the walking dead season 4 amc










The where abouts of David Morrissey as the Governor is hinted within flashback episodes that will be airing soon. Gale Anne Hurd said that they have intentionally left the governor out of promotional material to keep that added effect of spice to the show.

Fans of the show shouldn’t expect to see the Governor much as he won’t have a strong presence in the beginning episodes, nor will he have a significant presence throughout the season. We don’t really know his whereabouts as of now and we don’t know how much he really will be focused upon this season. We do know that the Governor will be covered in two instances. Does this mean that we will only see him twice this season? Well maybe we will find out more as the season comes closer.

We can confirm from Andrew Lincoln that the two of them will meet again as Mr. Lincoln says, “We’re going to meet again. And there will be blood, as they say.”

Not much has been talked about when it has come to this new dreary, spooky, and gloomy addition to the show. Only that it’s smart and making life miserable for those at the prison.

Fun Fact: Like most people and Americans, the television show hit series, Duck Dynasty, is beloved by Andrew Lincoln. Norman Reedus bought Andrew a doormat for the outside of his trailer.

The Walking Dead Spin-Off Show Greenlight Possibly

The world of the zombie apocalypse is just starting for AMC. Recently, the general manager of AMC came out stating the television show was a no brainer. Seeing shows such as Mad Men and Breaking Bad are finishing up for good, AMC must come up with another production that will rock the television world. AMC releases statements and gave the thumbs up for a new spin-off of the walking dead that still has yet to be named. The show is set to premiere in 2015.

It’s important to state that the writers of the walking dead, producers, and directors will oversee this new child. Robert Kirkman recently stated that although the walking dead is his baby and has been for 10 years, it will great to finally have something new on his plate. The range of the zombie apocalypse and all that it encompasses is vast. Robert Kirkman aims to shed light on several topics that just wasn’t able to be done during the walking dead.