He’s not dead! Steven Yeun still filming episodes.

Well if the title hasn’t given it away already, Steven Yeun, the actor who plays Glenn Rhee has been found still filming episodes of the walking dead recently. Fans of the relationship between Glenn and Maggie, you can sigh a little relief as they still are together. That or they shot his final episode first, hardly.
Rumors have been circulating the internet that Glenn might be on his final leg with the walking dead and although it’s not 100% confirmed he is still with the group, this indication that he is still filming is pretty strong. Just about a month ago, there was a scene being shot that indicated a main character was going to be leaving the walker family. Even though we can’t say this isn’t true, we can say with a high percentage it most likely will not be Glenn.

Now, there is also one thing to take into consideration. Maybe Glenn was on his final scenes. Is it possible that the producers and the higher ups at AMC decided that his following was so great, they had to keep Glenn in? This is most likely not the case, but it’s something to keep in consideration seeing this does happen quite often.
We thought that we would update you on the later information that has been moving through the ether!

Watch the marathon this July and see what is revealed.

For those of you that are true walking dead fans, there will be another chance to watch season 4 when the 4th of July rolls around. AMC will be running re-runs of the show all day. During this all day marathon to celebrate this nations independence, the writers of the series have “supposedly” allowed for little tidbits to be shared with its fans prior to the unveiling of the season 5 trailer.
The Walking dead is the number 1 hit television show series right now and for the weekend, July 4-6, AMC will be running seasons one through 4 starting at 9:00 AM and running continuously through the weekend. The weekend finally will end with an episode preview of the talking dead hosted by Chris Hardwick at 9:00pm ET on July 6th. The featured guests are to be executive producer Scott M. Gimple and actress Aisha Tyler.
Furthermore, on July 8th 10:00 ET, the series will go inside the walking dead. This one hour special will map out the entire series and the viewers will be able to go behind the scenes to view the important people that make this show such a success.

But wait! There is more. On July 15 10:00 ET/PT, the viewers will be able to see the detail put into going from extra to walker. This is something very unique and something to take notes. If you want to be a walker extra, this is where you will want to learn. I know that I would be if I was ever called to do it. There is a lot to prepare for when becoming a walker. These steps include behavior, demeanor, position, posture, mindset, stress optimization, and much more.
For those that have only heard about the show, this is a great way to catch up prior to the series 5 premiere in October. Althought the post date hasn’t been set, this is the best time to set that DVR to catch up on televisions most watched tv series about a post-apocalyptic and comic inspired series where the story begins months after a viral and disease ridden world comes to an end and lone survivors must group together to save the world from human annihilation.

Death of Glenn? Could this finally be… Speculations

Although it has been speculating across the interwebs, it seems that there is a lot of controversy over what might happen to Glenn. Many reporters stationed outside the hit television series camping grounds saw some interesting viewage of the possible death of a very important character. Many are stating that this star is none other than Glenn. There seems to be a lot of uproar and shock over this being a possibility.

Whether the resultant comes to be the actual death of Glenn, he will be sorely missed. But everything in the past season has led up to this point, either Maggie or Glenn was going to come to an end. The foreshadowing that echoed the most was the burning of Maggie’s portrait. From that point on it was pretty clear that one of the two was going to die in the oncoming season.

While this is hard to say, the shows premise is the apocalypse and anything can happen. We can’t live in a television show world where all the main characters survive through the harshest landscape and existence known to man, it just doesn’t work that way. Honestly, this won’t be the last time we see one of them. To help determine whom will most likely be dying, you can look at IMDB. Below is what Steven Yeun is up to:

Chew (Video) (filming)
Tony Chu (2014)

He is shooting another film, could this mean that he is indeed leaving the cast? It could be but it is known the actors and actresses work hard on several productions at once so this isn’t necessarily an indicator. Something to watch out for.


Daryl’s Last Breath? The Walking Dead Postulates

The past couple of weeks there have been rumors floating around the interwebs. There have been little tweets and whispers about where Daryl fits within the grand scheme of the walking dead. Daryl, played by Norman Reedus, was never a main character. In fact, Daryl should have been killed off a long time ago, but was saved by the executives. The mere fact that Norman Reedus was playing the character was a problem in itself. The reason for this is it’s hard to place such an iconic actor in a short term role and not keep him around.

Reedus plays his role to perfection and it’s exciting to watch him develop into the role and watch his character develop. But the reality is they are in a post-apocalyptic era, with too many unknowns to worry about. I think it’s unfair to single out Daryl. I love Daryl as much as the next teenage girl (I’m a 26 year old guy… so not really), but it’s unfair to make one character immune to death. The arena has been set and it’s only a matter of time before all of them will fall in some way, shape, or form.

Now what they could do is make the untold story of Daryl Dixon as another show off the walking dead to show how Daryl grew up to the person he has become. I just feel like it’s unfair to make one character immortal in the realm we have placed them. This is not to offend Mr. Reedus, but looking at the situation and Daryl’s very dynamic behavior, there are too many areas to which he has become vulnerable. Kirkman loves Reedus and his character. We will see Daryl’s continual role within the show and I don’t think we have much to worry about as far as Daryl leaving this earth.

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Season 4 Episode 12 Review on AMC – Realization For Daryl and Beth

So as you guys now obviously know about the second half of AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 4, episode after episode goes through different individuals pasts. What led them to become the individuals they are today. Why they react to certain anxiety and stress filled situations. Obtaining information about people’s past will allow people to understand how they will react in the future. Greg Nicotero and the writers and cast explore this very nature. Getting into the biological, neurobiological, and behavioral data within the each character.

As I write this, I myself will be trying to answer this very question for my these coming up. What we have always known is that stress always elicits a certain behavioral response. That relationship is always there. The question is, how does resilience mediate this interaction. Humans have certain levels of resilience. Whether we obtain this resilience genetically or through growth is also in question.

The great thing about these past episodes is that we start to understand resilience (the ability to bounce back from something traumatic or highly stressful), whether we have become numb to it from experience and learned to “cope” or it scars us for the rest of our lives. These episodes burrow into different human behavioral traits and coping mechanisms helping us understand how certain personality traits are more resilient than others.

This last episode with Daryl and Beth further amplifies personality traits and the ability to bounce back. But some people don’t know that humans by nature are social animals. We can’t be alone for too long before our minds start to wander and we become lost in our heads. There is a distinct reason the writers leave each person with another. Why we see Michonne alone once again and her ability to almost lose herself again.

There are a few certainties in life. One of which is that we never do things individually. Meaning, we never do things alone. Whether you are running in the desert on a 50 mile ultra marathon or get the Nobel prize in physics when secluded in your lab. The bricks and mortar have been laid down. It’s because other people have helped you along the way that the culmination of brain power and brawn led you to the successes you achieved. You took the culmination of everything you learned and achieved something others haven’t. But that can only happen as a group and that is what we see in these episodes. The ability to survive because you known someone has your back. If you don’t, then it’s just time before you die.

We jump briefly into the world of Beth and Daryl, what makes them who they are. They are somewhat opposites, or are they. They both had abusive parents. And Daryl kind of feels like Beths father. This anger he has inside stems from his inability to protect others, his brother. The alcohol is a symbol clarity and resolve. Although one has never drank and the other abused it, they meet in the middle, on common ground. All the built up anger and rage and depression has been pulled out. They have saved each other from death. Not from the walkers, rather from themselves.

I don’t believe we will see this relationship as the talking dead has kind of infiltrated a little. I see this more as Daryl stepping in as a father. And this time he has something to live for, to protect, just like Rick.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 10 – In the Woods They Walk

Episode 10 starts with a pan onto Tyreese and the girls. In the woods and in the open, Tyreese must snap out of himself and protect the children that is with him. In his arms, the child so many long to know what happened to. It’s a fight of sanity and the girls try to be tough. One of the girls is slowly numbing her emotion, cut off from reality and numb to fear and pain. Hints within the show such as her killing the rabbits and her about to smother Rick’s daughter. She should be watched and council-ed. Her younger sister tries to be tough, but it’s not within her to be that numb. This aspect of the show explains the two polar opposites and what can occur when traumatic events or life and death situations can change your behavioral response.
Tyreese hears something in the distance and is forced to go check it out. He is a knight and shining armor. To do this, he must leave the girls alone. Tyreese runs off to find to gentlemen getting attacked by walkers, to which both of them get bitten. As he helps, the girls are in trouble as walkers slowly creep in. Right before all is lost, Carol steps in to save their lives. Carol gets reunited with Tyreese, but you can tell she has a lot on her mind.

Maggie and Bob are in a creek trying to figure out where to go. Bob gets shot and is getting recovered with some bandages. Maggie must continue on to find Glenn. As the group walks, they come upon the bus, to which, Maggie must find out if Glenn is among the dead. One by one, they release walkers only to find at the end, with increase anxiety, Glenn is not among the dead.
We pan to Glenn lying on a street above a mass of walkers. He is broken inside and is trying to keep himself together as he is unable to know whether Maggie is still alive or not. He finds his way back to the prison where he stumbles into his bunk. A picture lays in front of him after laying on the bed in the prison, giving him some solace and comfort. He quickly starts to gather supplies, a knife under one of the bunks in one of the prison cells. He is getting ready to survive. We understand that through this hard time of not knowing what has happened to Maggie, he is determined to survive.
With armor on he runs out into the prison courtyard where he is consumed by walkers. Along his escape, he sees someone with his or her head down behind a wall. Who is this? Should he stay and find out?
Glenn understand the that she was apart of what happened, but Glenn knew the humanity. She explains to Glenn that he trusted the Governor until he shot Herschel. Words are exchanged about not forgetting and always believing. Why they go into a killing spree is beyond me but it leads to Glenn getting hurt and losing consciousness. A truck pulls up and a new mystery group pulls up…. Sergeant Abraham Ford and they are looking for more people.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 9 – The Midseason Return

The mid-season return was last night. People were charged to find out what happened to the group as they were all forced to split up. The season has become a little more grimier and emotional. When one expected the emotion to dust off, everyone got flipped upside down. Although it wasn’t shocking to me what happened with Carl, it evoked a lot of anger out of me in how someone who thinks he is so old, could say the things that he did.
But that was the defining moment in the episode, it emphasized Carl’s inability, his lack of maturity to understand that he is still too young to take care of himself. Every teen goes through those years where they think they are invincible, they lack respect and understanding of the rigors of life and the consequences that follow. Time and time again we see Carl trying to handle himself only coming up short. He finds that every time he gets in a very bad scenario, he must remind himself that he is in control and is strong, when we all know that the more one tries to convince himself of that, the more they are in need of help and aren’t ready for the harshness of life (to walk alone through).

I think for all the teens out there that watched the show and are reading this blog, even for me, it reminds me of the childhood and the empowering feeling I once had. Yet, I lacked the maturity and understanding of what the world really was about and my place sort of in it. Even though we all continually try to understand our part in this world. Chandler Riggs has solidified himself as a mature actor to me. His acting was unlike anything I had seen from a young actor, actor, or leading actor. I think this was an immense growing experience for him as an actor and spoke to him on several different levels.
This episode was very important to teens that watched. Take away the fact that although you are strong, and you need independence, you aren’t strong enough yet. Don’t rush to be an adult… trust me, you will regret it years later. I know I do.
Michonne is a deeply complex character. She literally and symbolically is on a double edged sword. The Katana to me represents to paths she is walking and we heard in the talking dead afterwards. She is fighting this urge to feel. This was seen at the very first episode we meet her. It emphasized this pain she didn’t want to feel nor the weakness she wanted others to see. Last nights episode teeter tottered on this path that she didn’t to go down and led her to decide once and for all who she wanted to be.
I think the key to this entire episode for Michonne, the defining moment in the story last night was the Katana to her double. She had been lost for sometime now and this action told all watching that there are things in this life that you won’t agree with, that will tear at your being in the worst of ways, but hiding those emotions and bottling up who you really are is a recipe for disaster. A debilitating crash will occur sometime down the road. Humans are social creatures by nature. We can’t go this alone. Don’t go at it alone. If there is one thing you come away with from this article, that is number one.
Lastly, the writers of this show amaze me every day. They take psychology and emotion and physicality to a whole new level and I am amazed to see how these roles have developed.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 8 Review – The Guns Drawn

The guns are up and the ends are placed in motion. The governor preaches to his people what they must do to survive. He asks them something important. And that is to survive. To do this, he believe that they must overtake the prison, by any means necessary.
Some would like to believe that the Governor has changed in some way. Even Herschel would like to believe that somehow the Governor has changed, that or he is just trying to save his own skin… I will take the later. The problem is, the Governor is much more dangerous than he was before and we see this. He is willing to take any life and do anything it takes to “save” two individuals that he thinks are still alive in some way, shape, and form. But doesn’t understand that he is just going to lose them all the same.
The Governor says something at the very end to Herschel. How can someone who has a daughter or had a daughter, kill someone else’s. The Governor responds with little hesitation, “Because they aren’t mine.” Pretty cold!

Rick has that talk with Daryl and it seems that Daryl get more emotional than he has in a while. But is able to accept or understand the issue of sorts. Before Rick can tell Tyrese, Tyrese shows them a very odd situation in the depths of the prison. He shows them a rat strung up on a board as if medical or research experiments have taken place.
Just after, a loud bang as the prison shakes. The Governor is knocking at the door and has brought along Herschel and Michonne for peace keeping talks. It seems that the Governor and Rick are trying to hide themselves from power, but really they know all along that power was theirs.
As the Governor has become bloodthirsty for the prison, he has left the two individuals, whom he cherishes the most alone at their camp. As one finds that there encampment is more penetrable than they think, a walker comes up from the depths of the ground to bite the little girl in the neck. It seems that the war is inevitable.
There is no good that comes from what is going on. As Rick gives a hopeful out look, it seems that for a brief moment in time, the Governor believes in something as he holds the sword by the throat of Herschel. By the end of the talk, the war starts as the Governor removes Herschel’s head using Michonne’s sword. By the end of the war, Michonne will have her revenge.

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7 Review – Brian

The new episode of the walking dead opens up back with the Governor or now we know as “Brian.” A shift of power has fallen upon the governor and the men he used to run. A very key passage occurs within the story as the girl is trying to figure out why Brian is and why he won’t allow her to win. This seems to unravel the story of the Governor and help us understand a little more about why he became who he is.
The group goes on an excursion to possibly get some answers about survival or some hardware when they come up to individuals with there heads removed and labels. Before the commercial, we see that the family in the photo are those that the Governor had just killed. An indication of the situation he was in. For Brian, things come full circle and come to bite him. Once again, Brian must come to the rescue and be the leader he is because those around him think they have those qualities when they don’t.
When you think the episodes can’t get any more boring, especially with what we think is the change of the Governor, the Governor relapses. He is heart set on replacing his old family with that of this new one. Almost a second chance to right the wrongs. For this, he kills his old buddy because he can’t live with the fact that he might not do his job. That he doesn’t live in the same world as the Governor, that he can protect them from anything.

The group is starting to fall apart and dissension is lurking within. The governor knows this all too well and understands that if they stay, people will die. We come to see that as Brian tells the girls that they must leave, he says “I can’t lose you guys again.” She picks this up understanding the way he must of lost his other family. As they drive away at night, they come upon walkers stuck in the mud. Why?
The Governor is back. Subtle words can trigger a person to relapse back into original behavior. Death falls back onto the group as the weak get prayed upon. Everything comes together at the end of the episode. Another fight is upon the Rick clan. Get excited

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 6 Review – The Governor’s Return

The opening scene of the walking dead shows the road the Governor has had to lead for him through his psyche. It has been a destructive road leading him down a destructive path. We meet a new group for the Governor to influence with a very hot military individual.

We notice that the Governor uses a name. Is this his real name? Is this significant of a possible change? These are very important questions to be asking. Themes come back to haunt him in this episode as he meets a father with two daughters. The tides have turned as the daughters are taking care of their father. A lot has changed for the Governor as he has stayed relatively quiet. Him not eating and throwing out the food suggests his hesitance to believe these individuals he has taken up with. We see the naivety of this small little group as they are really trusting as if they know how to handle themselves.

A transformation has come across the Governor or at least we are left to witness. One of the daughters asks something major from him, something he would never do, but does without asking, something extremely dangerous. He sees the fathers undying love for his daughters. Is this something he gets comfort from, something that he never got and is will to help fight for? At the hospital, we see the Governors inability to kill any walkers. Why? Also, back at where he was staying, he creases the photo of him with his family. Does he wish he was never apart of the family? Is this a way of letting go?

It was inevitable that the Governor would have to face this little girl Meghan, whom looks a splitting image of his daughter. He is so ashamed that he is unable to look at her straight in the face because the pain comes back. He must fight back his feelings with laughter by telling a story he doesn’t want to.

The past come back to haunt him as he is forced to make a difficult choice. The father of the two daughters passes away from cancer and gives way for the beast within. It’s up to the Governor to save them from what used to be there father. After the incident, he witnesses the little girl, daughter to one of the two girls shy away and cower behind her grandfathers couch. She doesn’t really get to say goodbye by the time its all said and done. Foe that the Governor has had enough. He destroys the picture of him and his family because he now knows its over and he shouldn’t be using them as an excuse.

It’s not surprising what happens at the end of episode 6. The Governor must flee with his pod and ends up falling into a ditch that he used to create to capture walkers. He kills them all off saving the little girls life and reuniting with his old cohort.

What questions does this spark?