AMC The Walking Dead Season 5 – Trailer from Comic Con Revealed

As you all might know, comic con is going on this week in California and recently the trailer amc’s the walking dead season 5 was revealed. Below is a free online youtube clip of approximately three and a half minutes of the premiere of the walking dead season 5. Watch and enjoy your little slice of heaven. Get ready fans for a phenomenal season.


The Walking Dead Season 5 Poster – The Comic Con Banner

AMC’s The Walking Dead has just revealed through their emailing system and their home website the season 5 wallpaper. They plan on revealing this banner at Comic Con and the pictures speaks much more than a thousand words. Remember, Robert Kirkman and the crew (writers and actors and everyone in between) hand picked each and everyone’s physical demeanor for this photo shoot. Every “non-verbal” communication is coming through the picture and everyone looking at it should understand what each pose represents.

Rick on the left is in a very specific pose. His face is worn and aged. There isn’t any hesitance, only action. Which is something that has been lacking in his character for the past seasons. His hands present a calm and decisiveness. Like I said before, he isn’t hesitant, we saw where that got him last time. He fits this confident and conserved individual who will do what needs to be done, if an obstacle comes in his way. He wears a longer beard, showing more age. He’s experienced and has been around the block. He has wizened up and realizes he needs thick skin.  He is leaning forward, which means he is going on the offensive now. He isn’t playing defense.

Rick and Carl have under-estimated the need and dependence of one another. Carl fits the same pose as Rick. He lacks the experience and confidence, but his father will help him manifest it. This confidence will slowly grow and just like his father will attack.



Michonne on the other hand is a much more straight composure which just happens to be her theme. She clinches her fists and her sleeves have been rolled up. She is ready to fight for herself once again. Her face shows a renewal sense of self in her. She has a reason to stay alive.  She’s meticulous and reserved.

For Daryl, this isn’t his first rodeo. He has had to deal with this his entire life. His posture tells a story of prior fights. He’s in a boxing posture with his left hand guarding his face. He’s pulled his right shoulder down and he is bent to get ready to make a strike. His hands are open, making him relaxed and confident.

Maggie and Glenn on the other hand aren’t about risking their lives anymore. They allow the group to do what they can so they can stay with one another. There is fire in their eyes, but they aren’t about to use it haphazardly. They have a different task and might play into a plan with the group. They are the thinkers.

Sgt. Abraham Ford is Army. He is stuck in the wrestling pose. He is allow about close proximity, fast pace, and ground and pound type of fighter. He reminds me of the mauler wrestler. Hand open ready to choke someone. This isn’t his first rodeo. He waits patiently until the attacker makes the wrong move.

Although a lot of the individuals shown in the poster are kind of doing the same thing. They each have there own way of doing it. There own decisiveness and hesitation. It’s important to note those that aren’t in the picture. The emphasis is on how will the group get themselves out of the situation they got themselves into. Let us know what you think the photo represents.

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Robert Kirkman Starts Hinting About Season 5 of The Walking Dead

As the season gets closer to the opening bell, Robert Kirkman’s mouth becomes increasingly unstable. And although he says quite a bit of information, it’s all cloudy and murky. We must look at the past to understand the future. He explains in a recent interview that a lot of what people have been hinting towards will finally be revealed in the upcoming season.

Also, he sheds some light on the momentum of the first episodes. As I paraphrase, he states that unlike last seasons, these first episodes will be much more involved and pact with reveals that will be done in really interesting ways. We left people at terminus and there are big surprises coming he says to Entertainment. The first episode really deals with Terminus and opens really quickly. We start to understand a little about the group there and how everything will unfold. We know that Carl has found giant pills as well and we will figure out how they might be of significance.

But there is something missing. For the longest time we have waited for Andrew Lincoln character, Rick Grimes, to unravel out of his cocoon. In the comic book series, this more gritty, grimy,  and more beast like Rick emerges. This has been something promised. We await this western Rick. Kirkman breaks that revelation. Comic Book Rick is back!

With that being said, Kirkman has been asked all sorts of questions, especially ones including the inclusion of more characters. He has been seriously looking at bringing on several cast members from “the wire.” With a cast ever changing and with a viewership that can’t live without certain characters, it seems that the comic book won’t really be followed as closely as hoped and as you already know. Kirkman plans to bring more characters in that are both from the comic as others not.


Kirkman speaks about Rick and his evolution over what we saw in season 4 verses what we will see in season 5. In the middle of season 3, we saw a cocky Rick. We saw a Rick who saw himself doing what he should have been doing. I don’t mean the bad cocky, but someone who had everything he needed and did things with confidence without being really tested. By the end of season 4, we see a Rick that is defeated and broken. He is very unsure of himself because he was juggling too many things at once. He was trying to be a father; trying to protect a group of people; he was trying to fend off a lunatic attacker; and he was fighting off the loss of his wife.

We see this catalyst effect in which a man can either be broken (curl up and die) or snap out of his condition and look towards the things that are important at that time (such that his son). It was never his place to “have to be a leader.” But after seeing pretty much the worst case scenario occur, he is much stronger and understands (in essence, much more prepared). He is much more psychologically and mentally tough. Robert Kirkman alludes to the fact that he is going to be much more decisive in his actions. This “I don’t want to fight,” this “doesn’t need to happen” mentality jumps off the bridge. Some people have become the way they are to survive and Rick plays this very fine line between “no more shit” and “being a father.”

Next Games Creates IPhone and IPad Game Called The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land

AMC and Next Games have announced that the trailer for the new walking dead video game would be released during Comic con this year. The game will be called, “The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land,” which will be released for the functionality of Smart Phone’s and IPad’s. The trailer will be shown at the booth of the walking dead #4237 in San Diego on July 24-27.

Players will be able to play the iconic television show game through the use of their smartphones or tablets. Specific episodes and theme songs have been targeted to give you the feeling that your in the real thing. Key features of this game will be apparent like so many in the others. You will have to make special decision: bad and good. It’s a game of strategy and risk taking; making sure people are safe; and most importantly, tactics for fighting hoards of walkers.

The purpose of the game is to give viewers control of the outcomes. It’s a step closer to making the experience as strong as possible without effecting the quality of the game. Next Games has been given high prays and high ratings for their games and it’s no reason why AMC has teamed up with their gaming company to put this into the hands of every walking dead fan.

The plan for the game was to create a world that was closely related to what AMC and Robert Kirkman had worked on said the CEO of Next Games, Teemu Huuhtanen.

The Walking Dead Season 5 follows one very important mission. Robert Kirkman knows very well that pandemics are a reality. Look at NIH and the fact that vials of small pox were found unmarked. The show amplifies the human condition. Specifically, the human condition under threat of extinction. How will human being react to a world disaster both individually and as a group? How will it affect them psychologically as a group and internally? Is human compassion still alive during the apocalypse?


Preparation for season 5 of the walking dead

The walking dead television series on AMC has been a breath of fresh air in the television show industry. Like most of you have read or see being plastered across your television screen is constant reality and drama shows that aren’t original. Nowadays, you aren’t a television show broadcast network unless you have one streamline forensic crime show. Furthermore, the shows are completely trash. Some might not agree with me, but as someone coming up with a Forensic Science Masters degree, it’s off-putting. The problem is that many people watching the show don’t have any science background and use the knowledge they gain from the these television shows as truth or relative truth. This translates into people sitting on a jury that expect none realistic expectations from scientists.
In addition, we have these other television shows of real tv… that aren’t real tv, rather a bunch of misfits that have been allowed on a network to throw poop at one another. They don’t understand that they have been specifically selected (personality wise) to do just that, create drama.
Then there is the walking dead. People take this show as science fiction. Well, as a scientist, and one who has received degrees in Biochemistry, I can tell you that this show really isn’t impossible. There are viruses and bacterium that can effect your body in a manner that results as shown on the show to a degree. Viruses rapidly change, there strain increasingly unstable and it’s a continual fight to stay ahead of the curve. So this show introduces us with a very likely possibility and what the human condition will experience pending on the psychological profile.
This leads to the ultimate importance of the article that I am writing. Preparing for a show like this is like a marathon. There are going to be serious bumps in the road where they will be unable to move forward. The expectations in this show is that characters will die, especially important characters. Look for those signs because the writers make it very apparent. Also, re-watch the episodes so you have a strong foundation coming into the next series. Do some research about survival guides and viruses. Being aware of survival in general is good. Hopefully it will never have to be used, but the knowledge could come in handy sometime. Look into psychology and group dynamics, this will help you to understand what is going on and why certain people act the way they do. This will be helpful in real life as well are social beings naturally.
Lastly, keep reading up when you have time. See what’s happening with the cast and production. Sometimes they give you hints as to what is probably going to happen.

The Romeo Romances Juliet – Daryl and Carol and reveal of a Villain

For the past couple of seasons we have seen the glances Daryl has given Carol. With her banishment from the group, Daryl has been stripped of even more than he already has throughout his life. We see the pain and anguish Daryl has gone through in one of the last episodes last season. After drinking a copious amount of moonshine, we are open to a Daryl we haven’t seen yet. For all intense and purposes, Daryl feels inadequate for Carol. He feels like he’s a piece of s*** and that she deserves better in most respects. He feels like that no good husband that used to beat Carol.

But after the scene with Beth, it has become apparent that he’s a good guy. That he has saved everyone time and time again. That he is now the perfect man to be with because of the attributes he exhibits. He has the tools to survive in that environment. With the uniting of the group this season, we will see a totally different side of Daryl that hasn’t been revealed.

It’s very apparent that Mary is the leader of the group and Gareth is the guy you go to to put the hurting on. Is it possible that Mary’s the mother of Gareth. It’s a possibility! From the looks at the location point of capture and restraint, the season is going to get intense and we will see someone go. On the talking dead, Chris Hardwick makes it clear that this season is going to be extremely intense with the terrain they have to cover. Be ready for a shock or two.

As we are with you, we are excited to see what happens next and if Mary is not just a bystander to Gareth’s wicked way, rather the leader of the cannibal group.

The Walking Dead TV Series vs. the Comic – The Three Major Differences

As comic book lovers and diehard Walking Dead fans know, the TV series that goes by this name is based on the comics created by Kirkman, Moore and Adlard. With Season 4 just going off air and season 5 ready to make its premiere in February, the buzz in town centers on analyzing the show and the director’s take on the original storyline. It’s also a great time to refresh our memories on the major areas in which the TV series differs from the comics.

A More Ruthless Comics Version of Tyreese

Tyreese has the same devastating background with his daughter and her boyfriend, Chris making a suicide pact in both the TV and comic version. However, in the comics, it is Julie’s death and Chris’s escape that pushes Tyreese over the edge, and into killing and dismembering the boyfriend. The TV version of Tyreese did not quite go to these lengths.

Dale Exits Early on the Show

No one likes it when the good guys die, but when they exit earlier than ‘necessary’, it can be heart wrenching for the audience. Dale’s death on the TV series was positioned slightly earlier than in the books. Thankfully, it was a well planned move story-wise, because the storyline supported the character’s abrupt end and added to the ‘don’t know what to expect’ factor that continues to keep viewers engrossed in the series.

Merle Only Exists in the TV Show

As far as obnoxious characters go, Merle takes the award. This character is nowhere to be found in the comics but he has a meaty role in the TV show. On the same note, the twins, Alan and Donna from the comics have no role on the show so does that even it all out a bit? This is also somewhat true of Andrea, who dies on the show, but in the comics, she becomes a sharp shooter and helps defend the prison.


Possible SPOILER, Tyreese and Carol might have most important role on the walking dead.

The Walking Dead has been growing interest one season after the next. When all things in this storyline tell us that there will be failure (with main character deaths and such), the viewers kick back stronger with more and more anticipation. The great thing about this type of storyline is that any character is open for grabs and the audience very well knows this. One of the most dynamic characters in the past season, Tyreese and Carol, will expand on their roles in some way this oncoming season 5.
Tyreese, Carol, and Judith are still on the loose and it only seems fit that these characters have some increasing importance within the scope of the show. As we know from prior, Carol releases this built up anxiety that has been tearing away at her towards Tyreese. Tyreese’s forgiveness might be one of the strongest emotionally charged of yet on the show. For him there was a resolve when Carol was able to tell him that there was no suffering involved and I believe that was the most important thing for him.

That being said, there bond is much stronger than ever and we all know that when two people go through hell together, they become ultimately, unstoppable. What does this tell us then? Tyreese and Carol must play a significant role in the release of the captured. To be honest, unless someone slips up, leaving that cart is pretty much impossible. The help of Tyreese and Carol, whom are pretty much ready to do anything will come to their aide.
As the writer and a science nerd as is, I was watching an episode on creation of a solar system and the physics required to form a planet in the justified time frame. The gist of the episode explained how much gravity has a part in the speed of which a planet is created when the mass is a specific size. Anyways, as we have seen in this show, little by little the group collides with each other like this mass. When the final pieces come together, what will result is a cohesive network that fit like a puzzle. Rick and the team need Carol much more than they realize and I believe she is going to show us why.

What Makes The Walking Dead the Most Watched Drama Series in Cable History?

A horror drama series that premiered in later half of 2010, The Walking Dead quickly made it to the top of the popularity charts as one of America’s most watched drama series. With die-hard fans waiting with bated breath for season 5, it is clear that the series is going to enjoy another power packed, craze inducing season when it makes a return to the small screen. Seeing that the very first season grabbed a 96% ‘Certified Fresh’ rating from Rotten Tomatoes, it is evident that the thrill inducing content is one of the biggest audience pullers in this drama series.
‘Emotionally Resonant’ Says Rotten Tomatoes
Describing the first season of The Walking Dead, Rotten Tomatoes hit the nail on the head, using the term ‘emotionally resonant’ to describe the series. Through seasons 1 to 4, the makers have managed to hook the audience emotionally, and make them feel the sorrow, fear, hope, and anticipation just as intensely as the characters themselves. Backed by stellar performances, excellent direction and some beautiful edge-of-your-seat action, there is little that the viewer is left wanting at the end of each episode.
Viewers Love Survivalist Stories
The Walking Dead can probably be described as the ‘Mother of all Survivalist Stories’, considering the storyline. Its inherent message that hope can light the way when the situation seems impossible has touched a chord with the audience and with good cause. After all, who doesn’t like to see the good guys win despite the overwhelming odds? Right alongside the epic struggle that the lead characters endure is the growing understanding of their own weaknesses, the dawning of the knowledge that things are not what they seem to be at the outset. It is these aspects that keep viewers hooked to the show, episode after episode.

The release of Season 4 on Blu-ray coming!

The famous entertainment studios, Anchor Bay, has finally come out with the date of release for The Walking Dead: The Complete Fourth Season” on DVD and Blu-Ray… on August 26! Due to the amount of extra footage and format of the video itself, there will be a 5-disc set. This is to present its viewers with video straight out of how it was presented on television. Included in this set are Digital HD with Ultraviolet versions, allowing it’s viewers to watch their episodes in full 1080p high-definition.
For most of you, the real fun begins with the hours of bonus features, which include never-before-seen production footage, deleted scenes, and audio commentaries from everyone (actors, production crew, etc..).
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